Due to pregnancy, the company was cut off!Can employees holding Singapore WP work permits have children?

Recently, a netizen complained on the "Singapore Eye" APP and was detained by the company because of pregnancy.The company told her that holding WP could not get pregnant.The netizen felt very aggrieved, and he posted for help.

Netizen’s original text: Brother Eye, have a question to ask, if WP marries local people in Singapore (student, no income), can you get pregnant?

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Many netizens said that holding WP is not allowed to be produced in Singapore. Even if the husband is Singaporee, there is no income to apply for a long -term permit.

First of all, how is Singaporean law stipulated?

According to Singapore’s "Employment of Foreign Labor Acts", the code of conduct:

Without obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Manpower, WP cannot marry citizens or permanent residents in Singapore or other countries in Singapore or other countries.

Conversely, WP can marry Singapore citizens or permanent residents through applications.

(Source: Singapore Law Website)

Secondly, about pregnancy.During his work in Singapore, unless he was approved by the authorities to get married with Singapore citizens or permanent residents, he was not allowed to get pregnant or childbirth during the validity period of WP.

Therefore, if the employee has been married to Singapore citizens or permanent residents under the approval of the Ministry of Human Ministry, she can be produced in Singapore.

(Source: Singapore Law Website)

Indeed, the Singapore Ministry of Human Resources has clearly clarified these two relevant regulations.

(Picture source: official website of the Ministry of Human Management of Singapore)

In short, holding WP cannot be married, pregnant, and produced in Singapore.

However, you can submit an application to the Ministry of Human Ministry to obtain a marriage approval with Singapore citizens or permanent residents, and then you can be produced locally.These regulations are still valid after the WP expires, canceled and revoked.

On the website of Singapore’s Ministry of Human Manpower, how to apply for WP to apply for a Singapore citizen or permanent residents also has a special answer.

It can be seen that the most important step is to get the approval of the Ministry of Manpower to get married.

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On the issue of applying for LTVP, netizens, as the family of Singapore citizens, can apply for a long -term visits.However, because the husband’s husband does not have an income, it may be affected, but the specifics need to be approved by the Immigration Bureau.

The Singapore Ministry of Human Management has always been very rigorous for the approval of WP applications.

An event happened in 2012:

Women in Singapore fell in love with a Malaysian WP employee.After pregnancy, they submitted a marriage application to the Ministry of Human Ministry, and the Ministry of Human rejected the couple’s application.Because the man violated the decree during holding the WP period (making a Singaporean woman pregnant).The man was canceled WP and repatriated Malaysia.After that, the woman wrote to the Ministry of Human Ministry and the Prime Minister’s office to explain the situation before finally applying for the man to enter.

In general, Singapore has clearly stipulated in WP’s behavior rules that WP holders do not allow marriage to become pregnant with Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Therefore, employees holding WP must be applied for a procedural application in Singapore.Essence

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