Durian with milk, poisoned the cobra?These durian knowledge must be known

May-August is the season for eating durian. Who hasn’t opened the durian blind box this year?IntersectionDurian is known as the "king of fruits" and is also a kind of fruit that makes people love and hate. To help consumers who love durian scientifically consume, buy and store durian, the consumption prompts are here ~

Durian’s consumption

There is a saying on the Internet that "durian with milk, poisonous cobra", and believes that the two of them can produce caffeine, which causes caffeine poisoning and surge in blood pressure to cause sudden heart disease.In fact, both durian and milk contain caffeine, and it is impossible to produce caffeine together when consumption.The two are common combinations of desserts and cold drinks, such as durian milkshakes and durian milk.

Peel the shell before eating durian.First of all, cut the protruding part of the durian at the bottom of the durian. You can see the lines inside, then cut it along the texture with the knife, peel the durian shell, remove the flesh, and eat it.Durian should not eat too much at a time.

Special groups such as diabetes, kidney disease, "one old and one small" should pay attention to the following points: high sugar content of durian, people with diabetes, hypercholesteriamia, should eat less; durian has a high potassium content, kidney disease and heart disease should eat less;

Durian flesh is thick, which is easy to block throat and trachea and cause suffocation. The elderly and children must eat less, eat slowly, cold, cough, trachea sensitive, etc. It is not suitable to eat.

Purchase of durian

Consumers should buy durian through regular channels.If you buy imported durians, you need to pay attention to information such as origin, source, entry and quarantine of entry cargo inspection, certification of nucleic acid testing, and disinfection certificates.Avoid purchasing and Haitao, do not buy imported durian with unknown sources.When choosing durian, pay attention to the following points:

Smell it.Relief close to the bottom of durian.The mature durian has a strong smell.If you smell the taste of wine, it means that durian may have deteriorated; if you smell the smell of grass similar to just cut, it means that it is not mature enough.

Look at the appearance.Generally speaking, the same variety of durians, the fruit of the fruit is relatively large, the color is relatively yellow, and it is light yellow or dark yellow.If the color is green or green, it means that it is not mature enough.

Skin spike.Hold the two neighboring tip parts of the neighboring thorns inward with your hands.If it is difficult to pinch and feel the feel, it indicates that it is not completely familiar.Pay attention to safety during the process of pinching with your hands and be careful of your hands.

Look at the lobe.If there are some fine cracks on the top of the fruit, it can also smell a strong smell, indicating that the durian maturity is high.It is not recommended to choose durian with large cracks, because it is impossible to confirm whether the flesh is polluted.

Shake fruit.Gently pick up the durian, shake it gently with your hand after stabilizing. If you feel that there is a gently collision, or a little sound, it means that the flesh is mature and separated from the fruit shell, otherwise it is more born.

Durian storage

01 Naturally stored.The unknown durian needs to be stored in a cool and ventilated place.Ueicant durian can be wrapped in newspapers or cloth, and placed with fruits such as apples and bananas. It is stored in a cool place and mature and fast.

02 refrigerated or frozen storage.After the durian is opened, the flesh needs to be installed with plastic wrap/bag/box. Put it in the refrigerator for about 4 ° C and refrigerate and store it. Generally, it does not exceed 2 days.It can also be stored in about -18 ° C for a long time, and the durian will have the taste of ice cream after freezing.When eating again, pay attention to see if you have deteriorated. If you smell sour or wine, do not eat it.

Source: Dongfang.com

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