During pregnancy, abdominal pain may be a precursor to these diseases.

After more than half a year of pregnancy, Xinxin finally became pregnant with her baby last month. Although she had no experience in her first pregnancy, she did not dare to have any sloppy during pregnancy.But a few days ago, Xinxin had abdominal pain, but she was frightened, so she hurried to the hospital, but the doctor said that it was a normal phenomenon, and she was also called Xinxin too nervous.During pregnancy, abdominal pain that pregnant women sometimes occur are normal physiological reactions, but if they are caused by these reasons, Baoma must do a good job, which may have endangered the fetus of the fetus.

Ectopic pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, after the combination of egg cells and sperm, it will go to bed on the uterine wall, and then slowly develop into embryos.The situation is an ectopic pregnancy, and the symptoms are endangered that the life of the mother will be endangered.If the maternal abdominal pain is severe and sometimes accompanied by the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage, you must go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to determine that after ectopic pregnancy, the pregnancy should be terminated in time to protect the health of pregnant women.

Premature precursor

During pregnancy, if the maternal abdominal pain is frequent, the stomach is harder, and the vagina is accompanied by brown secretions, it may be a precursor to premature birth, and Baoma must pay attention to it.Those who have less than 28 weeks of fetal development are premature birth. Generally, the physical resistance of premature babies is relatively low. Therefore, in order to avoid premature birth, Baoma should seek medical treatment quickly, find solutions, and take measures to protect fetal protection in time.

Urinary tract infection

When Baoma is pregnant, as the fetus continues to grow, the more severe the oppression of the uterus and kidneys, so many Baoma will have frequent urination.However, some Baoma does not want to always run the toilet, and often urinate, but urination is not only bad for the kidneys, but also causes the urinary tract to be infected, the urine tingling, and the abdominal pain.During pregnancy, you must not hold urine. Drink plenty of water and go to the toilet to help the urine trail dredge and recover.


The hydatidiform is caused by the rapid growth of fluff in the placenta, which forms a variety of bubbles of different sizes, which looks like a grape skewers.If pregnant women are pregnant with hydatidians, there will be normal pregnancy reactions, but there may be lower abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, convulsions, and the fetus has died in the abdomen.Although this situation is too distressed for Bao Ma, what pregnant women have to do in time for clearance surgery in time, and to prevent them after surgery to protect their own health.

During pregnancy, no abnormal phenomenon in the body of the pregnant woman can not be despised.These situations mentioned above will cause abdominal pain in pregnant women, so if Baoma frequently occurs abdominal pain, she should also go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

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