During pregnancy, do pregnant women need to be taboo?4 kinds of food are not recommended to eat more

During pregnancy, women do not only need to consider their own nutrition, but also consider the nutrition required by the fetus in the abdomen.You need to supplement sufficient nutrition to the body to ensure the nutritional needs of yourself and the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women should pay special attention to their diet during pregnancy. In order to avoid a bad impact on women’s body and fetus in the abdomen, some diet taboos need to be paid attention to.

1. Stimulating condiment

When cooking the food of pregnant women, you must be careful to put less spicy and irritating condiments. For example, pepper, pepper, large ingredients and spiced powder.These foods can cause the dryness of the women’s intestine and cause constipation to cause women.If women have constipation, they will be very force when they have a stool. This action will increase the abdominal pressure of women, which will compress the fetus in the abdomen, and it will easily cause premature birth.Therefore, for the safety of the fetus, avoid using these condiments when cooking.

2. Sweet food

During pregnancy, due to the impact of hormones in the body, the taste of pregnant women will change, and some pregnant women will particularly like to eat sweets.But eating too much sweets is harmful to women during pregnancy.The metabolism of sugar needs to consume a lot of calcium. If you eat too much sweets, the pregnant woman will have calcium deficiency, and the lack of calcium in pregnant women will affect the growth and development of the fetus, which will affect the development of the fetus and teeth.At the same time, eating too much sweets will also produce a strong sense of satiety, causing not wanting to eat other foods anymore, causing nutritional deficiency and unevenness.

3. Tea and coffee

Pregnant women are best to ban tea and coffee during pregnancy, because tea and coffee are irritating foods and will have a certain impact on the fetus.If pregnant women often drink tea or drink coffee during pregnancy, they will aggravate women’s early pregnancy reactions, and even cause dizziness, nausea, and heartbeat, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus, and even premature birth.

4. Chicken MSG

Many people have warned pregnant women not to eat outside during pregnancy, and try to make themselves at home. This is because the meals outside the restaurant often enlarge the chicken essence and monosodium glutamate in order to ensure that the texture contained in the chicken essence and MSG will cause women to appear.Zinc deficiency.If a zinc is deficient in women, it will affect the development of the fetus’s nervous system.Therefore, whether you go outside or do it at home, you should not put some monosodium glutamate and chicken essence. It is necessary to sacrifice the taste for the health of the fetus.

Women must pay attention to their diet during pregnancy. This is not only for their own health, but also to ensure the growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen.You can’t ignore the safety of the fetus because of the greedy appetite.

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