During pregnancy, fetal hypoxia will release 3 signals, and pregnant women need to learn to see

As a prospective father, of course, the baby is most concerned about whether the baby develops healthy during pregnancy. As long as the baby develops healthy, the pregnant mother is worth it.Especially in the late pregnancy, pregnant mothers are worried about the problem of hypoxia in the fetus. If the fetal hypoxia can be found in time, the fetus will not have much effect on the baby’s development.However, if the baby is not found in time, it will easily affect the normal development of the baby if it causes the baby’s hypoxia in time.

In fact, any abnormalities in the fetus will send some signals to the mother. If the fetus is hypoxic, pregnant women should pay more attention to these three symptoms.

Abnormal fetal heart

The fetal heart is also an important indicator of the development of the fetus. The normal heart rate of the fetus is 120-160 times per minute. If the fetal heart is lower than this standard or higher than this standard, it means that the fetus is in a state of embarrassment. It is hypoxic.Performance.Pregnant women do not care about it, and it is important to seek medical treatment in time.

Severe pregnancy disease

Generally speaking, chronic hypoxia is mainly related to pregnancy diseases, such as severe anemia, cholene stasis during pregnancy, and so on.Blood circulation, which leads to chronic hypoxia in the fetus, mainly manifested as symptoms such as fetal growth and development.Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to every birth check -up during pregnancy. Once abnormal conditions are found, they must be treated in a timely manner. Do not ignore it. Any pregnancy disease is developed from mild symptoms. Pregnant mothers usually develop good living habitsMeasures such as diet health and scientific movements also have certain benefits to prevent pregnancy diseases.

Abnormal fetal heart

In addition to doing B -ultrasound and fetal heart monitoring at the hospital, you can know the fetal heart rate, and you can also take care of it if you have a fetal heart at home.In addition, some hospitals offer the fetal heart rituals to take home by themselves, and then bind the hospital to receive abnormal signals at any time.

The normal fetal heart rate is between 120 and 160. If it is lower than the normal range or higher than the normal range, it is abnormal.The common situation is to allow pregnant mothers to inhale oxygen.

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