During pregnancy, if you learn to play your phone like this, so that your in -laws will not find the reason for you

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Many mothers are banned from playing with mobile phones during pregnancy, because they are afraid that mobile phone radiation will affect their children.In fact, mobile phone radiation has a little impact on the development of the fetus. If you are not assured, look at these a few, you can minimize the harm of the mobile phone to the fetus.When you play your phone in the future, your in -laws noisy you, and you have reason to convince them.

After this dangerous period, don’t be afraid of the effect of radiation

What we said cannot play mobile phones during pregnancy, mainly refers to the first three months after pregnancy, because the embryo has not yet formed at this time, and it is easily affected by electromagnetic radiation.During this period, pregnant mothers do ban mobile phones, and they can play after these three months.

Remember to cushion on the back, raise your head to play your mobile phone, "a small number many times"

Do not let pregnant mothers play mobile phones, in addition to being afraid of radiation, but also afraid of compressing the fetus.Pregnant mothers usually lie down and rest after pregnancy. Whether it is left or right, it will compress our attention. It is very bad. If you play prone, it is easier to compress the fetus.Play, do not play for a long time, play regularly, every 30 minutes, get out of bed, do not stay in bed all the time.

Connect to wifi less, call less, stay away from the mobile phone charger

Nowadays, mobile phones are generally wireless online, and they rarely use traffic to access the Internet, but it is not a good thing for pregnant women, because if the Internet connects to WIFI, mobile phone radiation is relatively large.Pregnant mothers can download the novels and videos that need to be watched, then turn off WiFi before starting to play. Remember that the mobile phone is far from the stomach.

In addition, in the case of calling, in order to find the signal electromagnetic waves, the pregnant mother should call less and try to use separation headphones or separation microphones.When charging mobile phones, a powerful electromagnetic wave will be generated around. Pregnant women must remember to stay away from charging and sell.

Low your mobile phone light before going to bed, set a alarm clock to rest on time

When the pregnant mother hides with a mobile phone, remember to lower the phone light, or it can also be adjusted directly to the eye protection mode. The browser should start the night mode as much as possible, and the eye damage is small.Set a alarm clock every day. At night, you must put down your mobile phone as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will affect the rest and growth of the fetus. The pregnant mother is also prone to eye disease.

Eat more radiation -proof things

We don’t have to talk about "radiation" in color. In this era of technology development, radiation is inevitable, just eat something that resist radiation.For example: carrots, tomatoes, kelp, pork liver, chicken liver and other things rich in carotene, vitamins and protein, strengthen the body’s ability to resist radiation.

Therefore, when your in -laws are not allowed to play with your mobile phone, you can pick up these reasons to defend your right to play with your mobile phone.


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