During pregnancy, pregnant moms are irritable. Is it true or hidden?

Lili and her husband have been married for 4 years and have never conceived their children. She finally became pregnant at the end of last year. The family was very happy. She also waited as the queen queen of the emperor. She was afraid of any loss.Lili herself was also full of joy. In order to be able to give birth to a healthy and smart baby, Lili also resigned as a high salary work, concentrated on raising the fetus at home, and her husband also worked harder. Thinking about creating a better future for the children and his wife.However, Lili always felt irritable at home, and sometimes she could get angry inexplicably, and her husband also accounted for her. Later, Lili became more and more irritable. Her husband couldn’t stand it. One day finally broke out."You are unreasonable now! Where are you going to be gentle and virtuous before? Did you all pretend before?" Hearing her husband, Lili was even more sad.Cry and make trouble at home.

How the pregnant mother during pregnancy became so irritable.

1. Change of the body hormone after pregnancy.The level of sex hormone such as progesterone and velvetic gonadotropic hormones during pregnancy is significantly increased, which will cause some emotional changes in pregnant women, such as susceptibility to excitement, and some even cause anxiety, depression, etc. Some pregnant women will appear 180Turning a lot.

2. Lack of communication.During pregnancy, most pregnant mothers stay at home during the day, and it is difficult to communicate well with their families, especially her husband.Due to the long -term non -communication, the feelings that want to express in my heart are nowhere to be released. If there is too much accumulation, it will explode, and the temper will become larger and larger.

3. Sudden changes in lifestyle.Some pregnant mothers are in the workplace before pregnancy.After pregnancy, I chose a better tire, so I gave up my original work and returned to the family. It was difficult to adapt to the "leisure life" during pregnancy.Ingenious psychology will feel uneasy and panic.

4. The atmosphere of life is tight.Before pregnancy, the young couple lived freely and unrestrained.After pregnancy, my mother -in -law came to take care of, and many living habits and concepts would have differences, but because of respect for the elders, they had to endure the grievances by themselves. In addition, sometimes the husband’s understanding made the pregnant mother upset.

5. Husband’s attitude.Some husbands think that pregnant dolls are normal for women. They do not care too much about the psychological feelings of pregnant mothers, and blindly care about the child’s situation in the belly, which makes pregnant women feel cold.

6. Pregnant mother’s own mentality is not good.After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have suspicions, worrying about this, doubt that, and adding troubles to themselves.

How should pregnant mothers regulate their emotions, and make a new and gentle and virtuous little wife?

1. Convert.Pregnant mothers should cultivate more hobbies, live a full and interesting life, and focus on their own and abdomen fetuses, so that they will not think about it all day.

2. Communicate with family and friends.You can formulate a communication meeting with your husband once a week, and say that you will happen every week to say that you are happy and unhappy every week. On the one hand, you can express your inner emotions without depression.On the other hand, increase the relationship between husband and wife.You can also ask friends to talk.

In October, pregnant mother is a long and difficult process for pregnant mothers. I hope that the prospective father will be more considerate and tolerate the pregnant mother.Let pregnant mothers bred your love in a loose and pleasant atmosphere.

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