During pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to these three early pregnancy reactions in order to deal with it in time

During pregnancy, it is very important for women. At this time, not only will their bodies bear a large load, but they will also accompany a series of physiological reactions during pregnancy. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to themselves.Body, especially these three early pregnancy reactions, let’s take a look together:

The first reaction, vomiting

Generally, about 6 weeks of pregnancy, the reaction of pregnant mothers will have a greater response, especially when they smell or see greasy food, which will cause nausea nausea and vomiting. Some pregnant mothers are more sensitive.The response will be more obvious.

In addition, early pregnancy reactions also have drowsiness. I have a lot of sleep a day. I always feel that my body is very sleepy. These are normal reasons for pregnancy. When the pregnancy is about 12 weeks of pregnancy, the symptoms will gradually disappear.In response to early pregnancy reactions, pregnant mothers can eat foods such as lemon, hawthorn and other foods in moderation, which has a very good effect on alleviating pregnancy vomiting. In addition, it is necessary to maintain a happy mood and exercise in moderation.

The second reaction, frequent urination

Generally, when three months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have frequent urination reactions. By the end of pregnancy, symptoms will be relieved, but in the third trimester, frequent urination reactions will appear again. This is a normal physiological reaction during pregnancy.Moms should never take urine, usually eat more fresh fruits. In addition, it is best to drink less water within an hour before going to bed, which can reduce the number of nights and maintain good sleep.Special beneficial.

The third reaction, breast discomfort

In addition, some pregnant mothers also have reaction such as itching and pain in breasts, which is also a normal physiological phenomenon in early pregnancy.Pay attention to keep the breast clean and hygienic.

When you feel uncomfortable, you can use a hot compress massage to relieve breast discomfort. The hot compress water temperature is kept at about 50 degrees, soaked with a towel, screw dry, heat it on the breast, and gently knead it with your fingers.The effect of massage and relief is very obvious.In addition, try to wear loose and comfortable clothing so that the breasts are not under external pressure.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to their physical changes. Once the body is uncomfortable, they should be sent to the hospital for treatment in time, and must not be ignored.

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