During pregnancy, radiation damage is great, and the three things common in the family should pay more attention to pregnant mothers

Ye Zi’s aunt has been postponed for half a month. When she went to the hospital for examination last week, the doctor told her that she was pregnant.Ever since I knew that I was pregnant, Ye Zi was extremely nervous. Because it was the first time to be a mother -in -law, everything was more careful.Recently, I still consider whether to leave home and go home to recuperate, just because the work of the leaves has been in contact with the computer for a long time every day, so I worry that it will cause radiation to the fetus.In fact, some studies have proven that the radiation of the computer does not have much effect on the fetus, so the pregnant mother who needs to use a computer at work can rest assured.However, the following things that are often ignored by pregnant mothers will radiate and affect the fetus. Pregnant mothers must pay more attention.

1. Mobile phone

When the phone is called, the radiation generates more than usual.When the pregnant mother is bored during pregnancy, calling with family and friends to chat with her family and friends may have a certain impact on the fetus.So try to call as little as possible during pregnancy, and you can chat with a video call to avoid damage to your baby.However, there is no effect on playing mobile phones during pregnancy. If pregnant mothers are really uneasy, they can buy a radiation -proof vest, so that they can rest assured to brush the drama.And it is very convenient whether it is at home or going out.

2. router

Many people say that the router does not have any radiation. In fact, the electromagnetic radiation radiated by the wireless router is very large, far exceeding the radiation of home appliances.Pregnant mothers who are often radiated by electromagnetic radiation are likely to cause abortion or fetal malformations.Therefore, if you use it at home, it is best to choose a router within the scope of the state, so that the radiation will be smaller.In addition, whether you work at the company or at home, the pregnant mother should try to stay away from the router as much as possible, so that it will not cause any greatness to the body.

3. Microwave and induction cooker

Many families now use microwave ovens. Normally, it will not cause damage to the body of pregnant mothers.However, if there is a leak in the microwave oven, the radial microwave will cause some harm to the body of the pregnant mother.Therefore, if there is a microwave oven at home, it is best to check whether there is a leak every other time to avoid accidents.In addition to the microwave oven, if there is an induction cooker at home, the pregnant mother should pay attention to not too close to it when cooking.

4. Direct sunlight in summer

In addition to these common electrical appliances and electronic products, the hot sun in summer can also produce great radiation and strong ultraviolet rays, and the impact on pregnant mothers is far more than the radiation mentioned above.Therefore, in the summer, the pregnant mother should try to choose in the morning and evening as much as possible. If you go out during the day, pay attention to the sun protection to avoid direct the sun.

Each pregnant mother wants the healthy development of the fetus, so try to avoid these radiation in life!

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