During pregnancy, the change of fetal movement is the "long" sign of the baby

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Soon after her girlfriend Xiaomeigang was pregnant, once she touched the fairly flat lower abdomen and asked me: what was the fetal movement.She said that during this time, she could always feel her stomach murmuring. After listening to it for a long time, she found that it was gastrointestinal motility.At the same time as disappointment, she was curious for the first time. What did the fetal movement look like?

What is fetal movement?

The fetal movement is to exercise in the mother’s belly from time to time. The little fetal baby flipped his body in the uterus and stretched his arms and kicked his legs.At first, because the baby’s baby is still small, the strength and amplitude will be very mild. When the baby is growing up, the pregnant mother can feel the movement of the baby’s activity in the belly, that is, the fetal movement.

The fetus can move around twelve weeks.But in fact, everyone feels that the fetal movement is not the same. Most of them can feel the fetal movement in 16 to 20 weeks. The fetal movement that everyone feels is not the same.It also looks like a butterfly is fanning wings.

Change of fetal movement

The first time I felt the time of fetal movement was different. Specifically because the initial fetal movement was very small. The thickness of each person’s uterine wall was different from the thickness of the abdominal wall. The uterine wall and the abdominal wall were relatively thin., Pregnant women who are pregnant again have high attention to fetal movements, which will also make them feel fetal movement as soon as possible.Therefore, as long as the birth check is normal, the fetal movement feels likely, and it is possible to pay attention to it. As long as the pregnant mothers continue to pay attention, I believe that the baby is also looking forward to interacting with the mother.

In the fifth month of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid during this period was relatively sufficient, and the pregnant mothers could feel the baby’s existence strongly.At this stage, he not only moves his arm and turn his head, but also responds to the sound and light stimulation of the outside world.At this time, the fetal movement was not very strong, because the baby was still weak.

After the twenty -eight weeks of pregnancy, the eighth month of pregnancy, pregnant mothers enter the third trimester, the fetus develops more and more complete, the arms and legs are becoming more and more powerful, and the fetal movement will become regular.You can get it across your stomach. This is a small hand. This is a small foot. This is a round head. This is a small buttocks … The baby is playing games with his mother in his stomach!

After thirty -six weeks, especially two weeks before giving birth, the movement of the fetus will be slightly slow, and the number of fetal movements will be relatively less.This is normal, because as the gestational week is getting larger and larger, the fetus will grow longer and bigger. At this time, the uterine environment will become crowded, the fetal movement space is limited, and the fetal movement will not be too big.The fetal movement will also become less.

Parenting experience:

The pregnant mother accompanied by various discomfort during pregnancy, the fetal movement brought a different experience to the pregnant mother, so that the mother was ecstatic and the maternal love flooded. The pregnant mother should not miss the baby’s first interaction with you.The mother’s love you give is looking forward to the day when you meet your mother!

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