During pregnancy, the fetus actually did so many laughter in the stomach!So funny

From pregnancy to the pelvis, the fetus actually did so many laughter in the Ma Ma belly!

In October, when she gave birth, the pregnant mother was extremely difficult during the whole process. What do the cute fetus stay in the Ma Ma belly during this time?Is it like many people say "sleeping, waiting for birth"?No no, in fact, the baby is very naughty during the breeding process: playing umbilical cords, 啃 toes, yawning, there are many things you can’t think of, let’s take a look.(Both below are called fetal cuteness)


In the early stages of pregnancy, the little cute swimming in the Mama Palace, like a carefree little fish, was walking in the amniotic fluid. This sport could not float on the amniotic fluid with a head that lasted to TA.Under the middle.

Active tendon

When the genitals begin to present gender characteristics, what TA can do is even more incredible: it can be freely stretched out of the arms and flexed toes. After 10 days, TA can also rotate the palms and wrists. (PS: When the late pregnancy, TA will also play with Ma Ma’s stomach, and you can also touch it a few times. At this time, the expectant mother can clearly feel the fetal movement.I am exercising.)

At this time, Xiaoyi continued to suck and swallow the amniotic fluid, and also learned two other skills -sucking fingers and touching their faces, and the naughty TA sometimes pushed the small feet over, put it in my mouth to suck a few times.mouth.

Also, at about 10 weeks, Xiaocai has learned to smile, frown, and learn to be a ghost, but at this time, it is only 6cm. Do you say that it is magical?

Picked umbilical cord

Staying in the Ma Ma’s stomach, although there are no toys, Xiao cute will not be idle except sleeping. The extremely smart TA self -developed, actually treats the umbilical cord as a TA toy, around the umbilical cord circle, and I’m tired of playing.I slept for a while, woke up, and turned around, cute.However, there are many cute little lovers around the umbilical cord. They have been playing around, and they are wrapped around the umbilical cord, which is in danger.


At about 11 weeks, the little cute heart has begun to supply blood supply to all internal organs, and blood exchange with embryo through the umbilical cord. At the same time, TA also learned a new skill -yawning.

When TA yawned, he opened his mouth like me, but was the yawn of TA because he was tired and sleepy. We don’t know. Imagine what kind of mood was the TA yawning at the time?Ha ha


At about 24 weeks, Little cute can already distinguish the different sounds inside the body and Ma Ma’s body. At this time, the TA ears are already very sensitive. At this time, Ma Ma should pat the belly to talk to TA.It is even better to put some light music, and TA will slowly dance with the rhythm of music.

Grab the site

Little cute, the older, at this time, TA learned to seize the site. How did TA implement the plan?The smart TA will squeeze the Ma Ma’s intestines to the upper abdomen, which reduces the range of the stomach. Many pregnant mothers sometimes feel that stomach discomfort is the reason.

Open your eyes and close your eyes

We all think that little cuteness can open our eyes after being born, but this is not the case.In the late pregnancy, Little cute has been practicing open eyes and closing her eyes. Is it amazing?

Not only are you open your eyes and close your eyes. In the late pregnancy, you have a sense of smell, vision, hearing, taste, and tactile.


If I say that little cuteness will snoring in Ma Ma’s belly, it must be that many people will laugh, but this is indeed the case.Pregnant mothers will feel little cute and rhythmic fetal movements in the late pregnancy.Analysis of the dimension of medicine, at this time, the fetal movement was the sound of the little cute swallowing amniotic fluid.Of course, the snoring here is not the kind of snoring we think.


At the end of pregnancy, the little cute will swallow the tire hair and other secretions on the body and store it in the intestine. This will stimulate the cute intestinal peristalsis, so that the fetus is excluded and can even excrete the fetal urine.

More than 300 bones

Anyone who knows a little bit about ergonomics knows that the human body has a total of 206 bones, but the little cuteness is more than 300 yuan in the hema belly. After birth, some bones will be integrated with growth.

After the interpretation of the above -mentioned wonderful dramas, Little Cute has made the last preparations for welcome the new world. You are quasi -quasi -numbers, such little cute, do you like it?

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