During pregnancy, the stomach is beaten, hit, fall, will it really cause the birthmark?


Introduction: October in October, every month is not easy. Of course, as parents, we hope to have a healthy and normal baby. At the same time, we also hope that he will be pure as soon as he is born.But in daily life, we always see some different people, and the skin on the body may be a bit different. This color is generally different, with cyan, red, large, small, etc.Rules, this is what we often call the birthmark.

There are also many factors for the formation of birthmarks. What factors are the cause of most of the birthmark? So will the stomach be beaten, hit, drop during pregnancy?

First, during pregnancy, the stomach is beaten, hit, dropped, will it really cause the birthmark?

As we all know, we are asking us to care for pregnant women. During pregnancy, whether doctors or experienced people have to warn us to be careful of the belly of pregnant women. If the bumps of external forces may not only cause miscarriage, but also related to the birthmark.

2. What bad behaviors will lead to the formation of birthmarks?

1. Abuse of cosmetics during pregnancy.

We all love beauty in life, especially women, especially women, and pregnant women are no exception. Pregnant women are already under great pressure during pregnancy, because they think that the body will go after pregnancy and the skin will deteriorate.Under this huge pressure, they will use the cosmetics that "pregnant women can use" on the market, but in fact, as long as it is cosmetics, there will be some chemicals.It may seriously affect the development of the fetus.

2. Encounter bumps or impact in the abdomen in the pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant mother has become larger and larger since the third month, which will cause the action to be particularly inconvenient. Pregnant women should pay special attention to their words and deeds from the beginning of pregnancy.In general, doctors also recommend that pregnant women should exercise appropriately, and at the same time pay attention to the actual situation of the fetus.If the stomach of the pregnant mother is accidentally encountered by bumps or impacts, it will easily cause blood vessels in the impact site. Although we can’t see it, it may be manifested as a blue -purple block in the fetus, and the birthmark may eventually form.

3. Unhealthy living habits.

Some pregnant women do not live according to the scientific habits during pregnancy. They eat some spicy foods and other foods without restraint, eating, drinking, fun, and unscrupulous, which can easily lead to malnutrition in pregnant women.If the human body lacks certain nutrients, such as zinc, iron, and hypertropic acid, it will easily affect the formation of pigmentation in the body, which will cause excessive pigment secretion. Pigment will pass the epidermis in the tire through the nerves, and the fetal notes will form.

What adverse effects will the birthmark have on the life of children?

1. Pool not.

Many parents may not pay attention to their children’s birthmarks. They will think that this is the unique mark of their children. If you ignore it for a long time, the small birthmark will slowly attack other organizations.It will become large plaques, and the color of the pigment will gradually become deeper. In the later period, it may be prone to nodules. Once the nodules bleed, it will be difficult to stop bleeding.If it is not processed in time in time, it will also increase the risk of the lesions that transform into a malignant tumor later, which will affect the child’s physical and mental health.

2. The birthmark can easily cause children to have inferiority.

As the child is getting older, children will start to pay more and more attention to their image. If the birthmark is exposed to the obvious part of the body, it will easily be affected by the classmates and friends, which will easily cause the child’s inferiority.At the same time, according to the research surface, children who appear in conspicuous positions are prone to depression and autism. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the image of children.

Important tips: In daily life, we need to pay attention to pregnant women when we see pregnant women, and give them more care and care at the same time.

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