During pregnancy, the weight of pregnant women obviously rises, why can the fetal weight be unqualified?

During pregnancy, all pregnant mothers seem to have identified a fact: as long as you eat well, then wait for the fetus to be born after birth.Therefore, some pregnant mothers really ignore their own image during pregnancy, just to give birth to a big fat boy.However, many women who have given birth to children are also very puzzled. Obviously, they have increased so much during pregnancy. Why do the doctor say that the doctor is a bit light after birth?

First of all, women during pregnancy must avoid entering such a misunderstanding: not to say that the greater the weight of the pregnant woman, the greater the fat boy.On the contrary, pregnant women must pay attention to controlling their weight, diet reasonably, and avoiding premature fetal birth or difficulty.

1. Establish the correct concept

The weight of pregnant mothers is actually not directly related to the size of the fetus, which mainly depends on the absorption ability of the fetus.If the fetus’s absorption of nutritional ability is very strong, even if the pregnant mother’s nutrition is normally supplemented, the baby who gives birth can still be fat.On the contrary, even if the pregnant mother eats more during pregnancy, the fetus may still be too light after birth, so the pregnant mother must first establish a normal eating concept.

2. Increased weight does not mean that nutrition keeps up

The weight gain does not mean that the nutrition required by the pregnant mother during pregnancy is completely supplemented. Many pregnant mothers are used as protecting animals by their mother -in -law during pregnancy.If the reduction of pregnant women’s exercise is only to enter nutrition and unreasonable exercise, it is easy to increase the weight of pregnant women.Therefore, if you see a larger pregnant woman during pregnancy, don’t envy the nutrition or something, it is likely to be caused by fat or lack of physical exercise.

3. Even if your weight does not increase, the fetal weight will increase

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers do not need to eat without choice. On the contrary, if you eat targeted food, even if your weight will not increase too much, the normal development of the fetus can still be guaranteed.Pay attention to the intake of various trace elements and proteins required by the fetus. Do not eat blindly. You must be targeted.

Therefore, during the production, pregnant mothers should pay attention to that after production, if you are too large, but the fetal weight is too light, it is completely possible. Don’t be too surprised if you encounter it.It is related to replenishment. Pay attention to actively exercise a reasonable diet when you are pregnant.

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