During pregnancy, there are 5 taboos, which are endangering the health of the fetus. Did you get it?

I believe everyone knows in the early pregnancy taboos. During the birth checkup, the doctor will repeatedly emphasize that in the early pregnancy, it is necessary to stay away from the deformed substances.Domestic food, don’t let yourself be too tired, don’t touch your stomach, and so on.In the second trimester, a healthy diet, a regular check -up, a number of fetal movements in the third trimester, protecting the belly from harmless, do not want husbands and wives, etc.

In addition to this, do you know what taboos are there?Today I will share with you a few taboos that are most easily ignored during pregnancy. I hope that you are preparing for pregnancy, or friends who are already pregnant, you can pay more attention.

The first taboo: Do not eat too much folic acid

Everyone knows to supplement folic acid in the early pregnancy, but this is not as much as possible.I saw a netizen sharing before. Netizens said that after pregnancy, they paid special attention to the health problems of the fetus. When I heard a friend said that eating folic acid was good for the fetus in the early pregnancy, I bought 2 boxes.Suddenly, when I saw it, I had a miscarriage when I went to the hospital for a birth test. The doctor did not know why the specific reason was. I guess it. It may be caused by eating folic acid. I regret it.

After pregnancy, there are requirements for how much folic acid aphrodisiac acid eats every day.

According to a survey by relevant departments, the dietary folic acid intake of women in my country is only 266 micrograms per day, and the actual amount of folic acid required daily during pregnancy is 600-800 micrograms. Folic acid, which (1 mg is 1000 micrograms), is a sliced ​​Selian folic acid daily.

However, each pregnant woman needs different demand. Some pregnant women have serious anemia, or they absorb less folic acid. You can ask the doctor to increase the amount of folic acid under the requirements of the doctor.Instead of adding it at will.

The second taboo: Don’t touch the three -hand cigarette

Everyone knows that after pregnancy, pregnant women need to quit smoking and alcohol and stay away from second -hand smoke.I don’t know how to contact the three -hand smoke!Some pregnant women and their families like to smoke, but they know that pregnant women cannot contact second -hand smoke. They will smoke outside and come back, but forget the smell of smoke on the clothes. These smells will be inhaled in the body with the pregnant woman, and then pass through the placenta.Pass to the fetus to affect the health of the fetus.

Some friends like to play cards, bump, and smoke for a long time. Even if they do not smoke, they will have a smell of smoking in their hair, and then take home to affect pregnant women.

Therefore, it is recommended that after smoking or contacting second -hand cigarettes, the first thing to go home is to take a bath and change clothes, and then contact pregnant women.

The third taboo: don’t always be angry during pregnancy

I believe that most pregnant women have experienced angry experience during pregnancy, angry and angry, or quarreling with their families, crying.Although it is said that after pregnancy, changes in hormones in pregnant women can lead to emotional changes, it is generally recommended that pregnant women not be too big, especially in the early pregnancy, which may cause the fetal lip and palate, or even abortion.It will also stimulate the fetal movement violently, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

Do you know what the fetus is doing when pregnant women are angry?When pregnant women are angry, the fetus can clearly feel the emotions of the pregnant woman. They will also be anxious, angry, anxious, and even crying. They are particularly distressed by their mother and are easily affected by their mother. After birth, they are also born. After birth, they are also born.I will have a bad temper.

The fourth taboos: no big supplement during pregnancy

There is no need for replenishment during pregnancy, especially early pregnancy.Early pregnancy is the embryo period. The nutrition and calories needed for embryonic development. Generally, it is enough for pregnant women to store in their bodies. Pregnant women do not need to make up, because all big supplements are supplemented on themselves, but they will make themselves obese obese.Excessive is not good for health.

At the same time, there are many pregnant women who like to eat health care products. They always feel that these things are highly nutritious and good for their health.Note that in addition to the folic acid that is necessary in the early pregnancy and calcium tablets required by pregnant women, there is no need to eat nutritional products, especially health products, and there is no need to eat it., Which affects the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

The 5th taboo: Don’t stir Erylang’s legs

Do you have the habit of giving Erlang’s legs? I used to like it especially, but after pregnancy, I knew that the legs were not good, so I quickly changed it.And I had a colleague before, and I also particularly liked the legs of Erlang. When I was 6 months pregnant, my legs and feet were swollen. The doctor went to the birth inspection to ask her daily habits. After I heard that I liked Erlang’s legs, let her change it quickly.It’s right.

Why can’t you stir Erylang’s legs?Mainly killed, when the legs of the Erlanglang will compress the blood vessels in the legs, causing the blood to be blocked, the cycle of itself is affected, which can easily lead to swelling of the legs and feet.Long -term legs can also cause damage to their bones. The stomach is very large in the third trimester.Internal hypoxia, slow development or even suffocating.

Therefore, pregnant women who like Erlang’s legs must correct them in time for their own health!

In summary, do you know the five most easily ignored taboos?The pregnant woman who recruits quickly corrected it!

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