During pregnancy, these 4 discomfort symptoms occur. Pregnant moms cannot care about it. They must go to the hospital as soon as possible

There is no small matter for parenting, and it has been from pregnancy.Throughout pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to be careful. After all, ten months of pregnancy are not easy for pregnant mothers.These four kinds of abnormalities appear in the body of the pregnant mother. They must go to the hospital as soon as possible, and lazy will hurt the fetus.

Extension with abdominal pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may have breasts overflowing. It is normal if there is no complication symptoms.However, if the breasts are overflowing, the pregnant mother has other discomfort, such as abdominal pain, redness, etc. At this time, the pregnant mother should pay attention.

It is likely that the fetus has discomfort. If the pregnant mother ignores it, it will seriously cause the baby’s dysplasia or even abortion.If this situation occurs, it is best to go to the hospital for the first time.

Paroxysmal abdominal pain

Generally, as the pregnant mother gradually grows day by day, the uterus will cause squeeze to the internal organs, so it is normal to have pain in the pain. However, if it is in pain, with a small amount of bleeding with the vagina, the pregnant mother feels this kind of kindWhen the pain is different from usual, it is necessary to attract attention. This may be a signal of abortion, so at this point, pregnant mothers must pay special attention to their physical changes.

Serious headache

Tension is not uncommon during pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, because the fetus and the mother compete for nutrition, the body’s insufficient blood supply to the body can cause headaches.At the same time, blood pressure changes in early pregnancy, and the amount of hormone secreted by the body is also different from the original. It will affect the blood circulation of the brain and may also cause headaches for expectant mothers.

If you have severe headaches in the first three months of pregnancy, or you often have headaches, expectant mothers don’t have to be too nervous.This situation usually does not cause any serious problems.However, if pregnant women suddenly have severe headaches in the middle of pregnancy or in the late pregnancy, or if the hands and faces are swollen without any reasons, they need to go to the hospital immediately to confirm whether the pregnancy is combined with hypertension.

Vaginal bleeding

At the beginning of this article, colleagues belong to this situation.During pregnancy, women have no holiday. If there will be vaginal bleeding, it is generally abnormal disease. Don’t take it lightly at this time. I think there is no big deal, and go to the hospital for an examination, because if you really find a problem yourself, you regret it at that time.That’s too late.

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