During pregnancy, these five methods can be relieved, and pregnant mothers can be lazy appropriately.

Pregnant women will penetrate into the blood vessels in the blood vessels during pregnancy, so that the tissue will have problems.Of course, edema will appear after 28 weeks of pregnancy. After all, when pregnant women reach this stage, the uterus will be large to a certain extent, and it is likely to compress the vein backflow.This also means that pregnant women with poor veins are prone to edema.

These 5 methods can relieve edema

Many pregnant women will put all their energy into work during pregnancy, so there is no good rest and sleep at all.In fact, this idea is wrong in itself. We should not be too nervous and tired, so that there must be no benefits for our bodies.After eating each day, it is best to rest for half an hour, and it is best to rest for about two hours in the afternoon.

At night, 9 to 10 hours of sleep should be guaranteed every day so that your body can be fully rest.If there is no condition to lie down and rest during the process of going to work, then we can put our legs on the top of the chair after eating. In this process, we can take a half -sitting position.

In our lives, we can also reduce the problem of edema through the following methods, such as we don’t stand for a long time.Many pregnant women will always sit during working hours, so that we can put a bench under the feet.At the working stage, we should not always maintain the same posture. We can go properly, so that we can increase lower limb blood flow.

When lying down and rest, we can also choose to lie on the left or lie flat.In the process of sitting, we should not always raise Erlang’s legs, we should slowly stretch the legs.superior.Usually we can also exercise the toes or joints, stretch the calf muscles.

Furthermore, we should choose a suitable shoes and socks. We do not need to wear too tight socks. If we wear socks that compress the ankle or calf, it will easily affect blood flow.

We can choose to prevent or treat the elastic socks of leg swelling, choose high waist models, and wear socks after waking up.If the situation allows, we can also perform appropriate physical exercise.For example, we can choose to swim. This approach has certain benefits to reduce edema.

Many pregnant women will become tricky during pregnancy, so they especially like to eat some greasy and irritating foods.This approach itself is not correct. We should eat more foods that are good for ourselves, and we need to keep foods, shrimp, egg milk and other foods every day.

The biggest feature of these foods is that they have rich high -quality protein, especially for pregnant women with anemia, can also eat animal liver 2 to 3 times a week to supplement iron.Because most pregnant women have the problem of edema because of their malnutrition of these pregnant women and anemia.

Of course, at this stage, we can also eat more fruits and vegetables, because there are vitamins and trace elements we need, so that we can improve our body resistance, promote metabolism, and can also play a role in detoxifying.

This also means that the mother should eat some fruits and vegetables every day, and should also avoid eating some high -salt -marinated foods. As long as they can control their mouths, most of them will not have problems.During the stage, do not restrain diet, do not eat food for yourself, so it is best to supervise pregnant women.

In the end, we can choose to lie down or raise our feet. It is difficult to return to the heart in the heart of the lower body. These are all because the human heart is too far away.Intravenous blood relies on the contraction of the muscles to send the blood back into the heart.So when we are all right, we can lie more and let the blood flow back into the heart in a usual way.

Of course, in this process, we can also raise our feet slightly, so that the blood flows back to the heart, and the problem of puffiness will disappear immediately.So for those pregnant women with better conditions, don’t always stand, and you should lie down when you lie down.

If we feel that lying is tired, then we can also change the posture of lying down. As long as we can ensure that the legs are raised next, the pressure on the legs will become smaller and smaller.Get rid of.

Therefore, for pregnant women, if the lower limbs are often edema during pregnancy, we can alleviate this problem in a specific way.Of course, pregnant women can also be lazy in this process, because this can make their bodies rest.And don’t be too busy at this stage, always stress yourself, this will make the edema more serious.

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