During pregnancy, urine leakage is very "embarrassing". Learn 3 small tricks to help mothers relieve the troubles of urine leakage.

Pregnant mothers will have many embarrassing things during pregnancy, leakage is one of them.Pregnant mother Xiaoli has been troubled by this kind of thing recently. She would have gone out every day, but she was unwilling to go out, because she found that she had leaked urine when she went out a few days ago, which made her worry about her troubles.But I dare not tell my husband.In fact, leakage is a normal thing during pregnancy, especially when the mother laughed, coughed or sneezed, it would be prone to urine leakage.However, pregnant mothers can rest assured that this situation will slowly recover after giving birth, and we can take some measures to avoid this embarrassment. Now let’s see what measures can help expectant mothers.

1. Carrying a sanitary pad with you

The most effective thing that can solve this problem is that expectant mothers usually carry some sanitary pads with them. This is the fastest and effective method. In case of discomfort when they are outside, expectant mothers can use pads to remedy measures. This is forThose expectant mothers who need to go out are very necessary.However, pregnant mothers need to note that the pad should choose a softer and breathable type, which can reduce the stimulation of sensitive skin.At the same time, the pregnant mother pays attention to replace the pads immediately when there is time to avoid bacterial infections.However, the use of pads is only used when leakage is prone to leakage. If you do not leak urine, there is no need to use it.

2. Exercise the pelvic floor muscles

This is a fundamental method that is fundamentally relieved. The leakage of urine is caused by loose pelvic floor muscles. Therefore, pregnant mothers can usually conduct regular exercise of pelvic floor muscles to strengthen the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles. This can help helpAvoid or slow down urine, and if there are not much time, you can complete it at home.At the same time, it should be noted that if the expectant mothers during pregnancy have the habit of running, it is best to stop running temporarily and change to pelvic bottom muscle exercises, because running can easily lead to urinary leakage.In addition, the movement of more anal shrinkage can also strengthen the power of the pelvic floor muscles.

Third, take reasonable hydration measures

In order to solve the condition of leakage, many expectant mothers have adopted the wrong method.For example, without drinking water, they think that this can reduce urine, but this will have more physical health problems.Therefore, expectant mothers must choose the correct method of hydrating and urination.For expectant mothers, you can drink an appropriate amount of water during the day, do not drink too much at a time, and drink as little water at night.The most important thing is to eat less diuretic food in summer.In terms of hydration, in terms of urination, try not to choose urination because of embarrassment on some occasions. Once the expectant mother endured urination, it is easy to cause leakage and frequent urination.

When pregnant mothers have leaking urine, don’t feel embarrassed. This is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. As long as you learn the appropriate method, you can effectively avoid it. Do you learn?

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