During pregnancy, whole body pain?It turns out that these five kinds of pain are normal, and many of the fifth type of pregnant women will have

Introduction: At the beginning of pregnancy, hormones began to change, and pregnant mothers may be relatively tight because they are worried about the baby in the body. In additionIn other organs and muscle nerves, pregnant mothers often have pain in various parts of the body.

The most common in pregnancy is these five pain.

One, headache

Because of the changes in hormones and psychological factors, many mothers are very sleepy and tired in the early pregnancy, but because they have to do housework, there is no way to rest well, which can easily cause headaches.

Three moves to make headaches during pregnancy:

1. Listen to some gentle and comfortable music and relax our nerves.

2. You can go to the sun outdoors and breathe fresh air.

3. Apply a hot towel on the head can also effectively relieve headaches, and pay attention to rest.

2. Breast pain

Pregnant mothers have been prepared for lactation at the beginning of pregnancy. Sometimes, when the mother finds that the menstruation does not come, the breast changes are changed.If you adapt to this change, you will feel pain.

Three moves to solve breast tenderness during pregnancy:

1. Select a corset with a suitable size.

After pregnancy, the underwear you wore before pregnancy may be too small, and you need to replace it in time.

2. Use hot towels to make local hot compresses, which can also effectively relieve such pain.

3. Making some pregnancy yoga can also relieve such pain.

Third, joint pain

Many pregnancy will cause edema after the second trimester.Increased body fluid is compressed to the nerves, so it causes pain in the bone joints.

Many mothers will hurt their hands in the morning when they get up in the morning, and they can’t even open their fingers.

Pay attention to the following three points:

1. Start drinking milk during pregnancy, often expose the sun outdoors, supplement vitamin D and calcium.Calcium and vitamins can also be appropriately supplemented.

2. Proper exercise, such as walking, yoga, swimming, but it is not recommended to move up and down stairs that are not conducive to joints.Prevent edema and reduce pain.

3. Wash hands in warm water in winter to reduce joint edema.

Fourth, pubic pain

The pubic bone is mainly at the root of the thigh.The continuous increase in the abdomen during pregnancy will cause pressure on the pubic bone, so many pregnant women will feel the pain of the thighs from time to time.

During pregnancy, the pain in the pelvis and lumbar muscles will become relatively relaxed under the action of endocrine during pregnancy, and it is relatively relaxed to prepare for production.

But if this relaxation is too much, it may cause pubic bone separation.If it hurts, it hurts to sit, and it hurts to lie down. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination. If necessary, use the pelvis under the guidance of the doctor.

Also pay attention to rest in bed, try to go up the stairs as little as possible, or take less on the road, and go downhill to reduce the pressure on the joints.

Five, leg pain

After the stomach becomes larger, it will cause sciatic nerve pain. Radiation to the lower limbs will cause leg pain on one or both sides. If the pregnant woman still has veins at the same time, this pain may be more severe.

You can deal with it from the following three aspects

1. Pay attention to rest

Try to change your posture often, do not stand for a long time for a long time.You can sleep a little at noon. When you sleep, place a pillow between the two legs, and use the sleeping pillow of a pregnant woman while sleeping at night.

2. Keep warm massage

Soak your feet with warm water every night to help the prospective father to massage.

3. Pay attention to the comfort of clothing

Wearing flat -bottomed shoes, shoes, clothes and shoes should not be too tight, mainly comfortable.

If the pain during pregnancy is too severe, it is recommended to go to the hospital to find a doctor to see it with targeted treatment.

Moms will be very painful during production, and these pains during pregnancy are practiced during production, so the five common pains of the great mothers need to slowly adjust themselves.

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