During pregnancy, zinc deficiency is harmful. How to supplement zinc during pregnancy?

During the advice of pregnant mothers: "Doctors, what are the nutrients to pay attention to during pregnancy? Folic acid, calcium supplement, iron supplement …" But the pregnant mothers must not forget, and there is a nutrients that are also important ~ Which is which is also very important ~ Which is also very important ~ Which is also very important?What about nutrients?That’s zinc!Yes, don’t forget, in fact, zinc supplementation is important during pregnancy!

Why do you say that?Zinc supplement is important during pregnancy!Why do you say that?The zinc concentration of the mother’s blood during pregnancy is too low to increase the risk of premature birth.Let me care about the importance of zinc with the pregnant mother!

What is the effect of zinc deficiency in pregnant women on the fetus

Pregnant woman

Evipsy, vomiting and other phenomena will increase

Prolonged production process, abortion, premature birth

Wounds are not easy to heal; susceptible to dermatitis and stubborn eczema

Lost appetite, taste and smell disorder

Uterine contraction is weak and difficult to give birth smoothly

Low immunity, prone to repeated infection

Easy to lose hair, decrease memory, chronic fatigue


The fetal malformation rate increases, the central nervous system of the brain

Poor organs such as fetal brain, heart, pancreas, thyroid and other important organs

Fetal development is slow: leading to premature babies, low weight children

Decrease in total number of fetal brain cells

Baby -born brain development is incomplete

Fetal sexual organs and visual dysplasia

Intellectual development barrier

The timing and quantity of zinc supplement for pregnant women

Zinc should be supplemented when preparing for pregnancy before pregnancy, because zinc is an essential trace element for the human body.Therefore, when Huai Preparation is pregnant, Huai should supplement zinc.

Normal people need 10-15 mg of zinc daily. The content of zinc in the plasma after pregnancy is often at a low or critical state of normal value, and zinc needs to be supplemented. Therefore, the amount of zinc after pregnancy will increaseBy 25-30 mg.

Zinc -rich food

1. Food: egg milk, dairy products, whole wheat bread

2. Plant food: beans (soybeans, black beans, peanuts), nuts

3. Vegetables: Chinese cabbage, white radish, eggplant, kelp

4. Meat: mutton, beef, animal liver

5. Seafood: oysters, shrimp, and crabs (people who are allergic to seafood should pay attention to the intake of such foods)

Notice!Calcium zinc cannot be supplemented with

Calcium zinc will produce an antagonistic effect. At the same time, supplementation will cause the absorption effect to decline. If pregnant women need calcium supplementation, it is best to spend more than an hour apart.

It is very necessary for pregnant women to supplement zinc!Having said the importance of so many zinc supplement, I don’t know if pregnant mothers have made good notes?In short, zinc supplementation of pregnant women not only cares about the healthy development of the fetus in the mother, but also has a relationship with whether the pregnant woman can smoothly give birth and the health during pregnancy.

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