During the BABY recording, I suddenly had a stomach pain and covered with my hands silently, but no one cared about it.

"Run" last night was also a trailer for a new season, which made the fans waiting for the same time. Although many old members of the running men in this season are not there, the new members have joined.It also adds a lot of new forces to the running male family, which makes people feel very interesting.And the most watched in the show is Baby, and she has always been a group pet as a running man family.

Even if there are new female members to join, everyone’s love for baby has not changed. This is not only because baby is the little princess in everyone’s heart, but also because she is very attentive to running men. In addition to pregnancy and having children at the time, it is because she was pregnant and gave birth to children.There was no recording of running men once, which was her feelings for running men, and it was why everyone recognized her.When BABY was recording the running man, he was really serious, even if he was injured, he insisted on recording.

This time in the pilot film, everyone also found the abnormality of Baby. Although she was recording, she always smiled; however, when she saw her hand, she knew that she was not easy.During the entire process of recording her hand, her hand has always been covered in the stomach position, which makes people guess whether she had a sudden stomach disease.Netizens who are familiar with her know that baby has stomach problems and often hurts stomach.

In so many shots, seeing all her movements were covering her stomach with one hand.However, her expression and response have always followed the interaction with everyone, and did not show any discomfort on her face.She really covered her stomach for a long time. She just entered the venue and ended the game. After eating, she was still covering her stomach.When I finished eating, I could see that her expression was not very good, a little painful.

In the process, other members are seriously recording the show, and no one cares about her throughout the process, which makes many viewers feel a little painful.In fact, when recording, everyone must be recording very seriously, and Baby covers my stomach, and she has to recording the show with a smile. Presumably she is so dedicated.Everyone understands her intentions.

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