During the confinement, you do n’t have to be afraid of frequent stomach pain. Try these three methods?

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After the production of pregnant women, it was originally a thing that was relieved and happy. It not only ushered in the arrival of the cute baby, and the discomfort during pregnancy basically disappeared, such as back pain during pregnancy, stomach pain, pubic pain, and so on.

Then there is confinement. For Bao Ma, in addition to the child’s breastfeeding, the confinement is basically a good time.But I do n’t know if anyone is like me, and I have to suffer from stomach pain frequently in a confinement.

I had no stomach problems before pregnancy, and at least I had no experience in stomach pain.There is stomach pain in the middle and late pregnancy, but most doctors say that the baby is squeezing in the stomach because the baby grows in the uterus and causes stomach pain.Therefore, the stomach pain at that time can only endure. Every time I have a stomach pain, I have to vomit. After the vomiting, I can alleviate a lot, but the most hopeful thing is that I can get rid of it after the production.

Unfortunately, I did not get rid of my stomach pain. In the confinement, I have stomach pain every 2-3 days. The stomach pain can last for 8-12 hours for one night.It is no less than a cesarean doctor squeezing the pain of the stomach.

I have to feed in the confinement, and I am not suitable for seeing a doctor, so I can only carry the pain by myself, and wait for it to relieve it naturally.At the same time, we are also constantly checking the causes, pay attention to avoid recurrence of stomach pain, and summarize 3 experiences:

1. Do not eat rice, eat 6 flavors to nourish stomach porridge

Because of the production, the stomach has not fully recovered. For the hard things such as rice, the digestive metabolic ability is not so strong, so I eat 6 staple foods for 6 flavors.My six ingredients of meal, wolfberry, red dates, millet, figs, and yam are made of meters.

2. Do not eat greasy soup/vegetables, only eat vegetarian food family portraits

Throughout the confinement, I have never eaten a chicken soup or a variety of big meat.Every day we eat carrots, yam, fungus, yuba, lettuce, lamb, spinach, cabbage, cabbage and other vegetarian dishes. The meat is pork, pork liver, chicken breast.The soup is a catfish soup, a skirt with vegetable soup, and occasionally pork ribs soup.They are relatively refreshing vegetables and soups, which also facilitate the digestion of my stomach.Don’t worry about being vegetarian and not producing milk, the fact is that my milk is not small.

3. Don’t lie down immediately after eating, walk around

I have a cesarean section. Generally, I lie down after eating. Special sometimes, the child is breastfeeding. After eating, I lie on the bed and breastfeed. Therefore, it was particularly easy to cause frequent stomach pain because it did not digest.So I learned slowly later. As long as I finished eating, I walked in the living room for a few minutes. I felt that the stomach was not full and then went to the room to lie down.Walking is conducive to the digestion of food.

Through the above three magnification adjustments, the probability of the entire gastric disease is reduced a lot.

I hope that every maternal will not encounter a situation like me.It is also easy to cause postpartum depression due to pain.However, there is no need to panic with stomach pain. You can try my method, and wait for the confinement before going to the hospital to check the stomach.

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