Dysmenorrhea, infertility, abnormal bleeding may be related to "endometriosis"

In gynecology, there is a kind of disease called "benign cancer". Although it is not as bad as cancer and life -threatening, it can spread throughout the body like cancer -uterine endometriosis

PS: The endometrium is abnormal, which refers to the endometrium cells that have grown well in the uterus. They ran to the ground outside the uterus, and the incidence among women was about 10%.

Today, my aunt said that the "culprit" of the disease -how the endometrium cells "fall" step by step.

At the beginning, all endometrial cells were diligent and hard -working cells.Under the instructions of female and progesterone every month, put a comfortable large bed in the uterus, and then spread the soft and warm quilts to wait for the fertilized eggs.

If you can’t wait for the fertilized eggs, you will start the "Disassembly" process, that is, let the endometrium fall off and produce menstruation.

However, in the "bed -dismantling" in January in January, some endometrial cells gradually felt that they continued to be passively waiting for fertilized eggs. There was no hope.

So, they packed their luggage, decided to take the initiative, and set foot on the long distance to find fertilized eggs.

PS: What causes endometriosis, and currently there is no unified statement in the medical community.

With the flow of blood, some endometrium cells, such as: ovarian, pelvic cavity, rectum, etc.

Some have come to the distance, and even reached: limbs, lungs, nasal cavity, brain …

Where is the place where he is, where you "bed -dismantle", waiting for the fertilized egg that can never come, and also bring "menstruation" to other parts of the uterine endometriosis.

PS: According to previous reports, in addition to the spleen, all parts of the whole body have cases that are involved in endometriosis.

These endometrium cells couldn’t think of it. A trip that said and walked not only cut off the opportunity to meet fertilized eggs, but also caused serious consequences.

1. Pain

No matter where the endometrium is rooted, more or less causes pain. For example, if you enter the uterine muscle layer, ovaries, pelvic cavity, you will cause dysmenorrhea, ovulation pain, pelvic pain.pain.

PS: After endometrial cells falling on the other parts of the body, its permeability will cause nodules and adhesions, causing pain and tenderness.

2. Strange bleeding

Although wandering in other homes (nose, lungs, bladder, etc.), the endometrium cells are still working hard to do their job under the remote control of two mothers every month.Put the bed honestly, wait quietly, and automatically "dismantle the bed", so some parts of our body will bleed inexplicably with the menstrual cycle: nosebleeds, hematuria, blood in the stool, hemoptysis …

3. cyst

With the "dismantling" bleeding every month, if there is an exit or a small amount can be absorbed by the body, the destruction is not so great, but if the blood has nowhere to go, it will accumulate.Especially in the blood accumulation of the ovarian, it will become thicker and form a cyst, that is, "chocolate cyst", which may cause the most unwilling to see endometrial cells

4. Affect pregnancy

The existence of chocolate cysts will not only squeeze the ovaries, but also affect the normal function of the ovaries and ovulation.And it will be like a time bomb, under severe exercise or other stimuli, to reverse or rupture, leading to necrosis of the ovary. In this way, if you want to conceive your baby …

PS: If endometriosis occurs in reproductive organs such as fallopian tubes, pelvic cavity, and uterine muscle layers, it will also increase the difficulty of pregnancy.

It can be said that endometriosis is the result of some endometrium cells that have good intentions to do bad things.

Fortunately, there is still a way to make up for the mistakes they made.

1. The most harmful method -pregnancy

This is not a laugh.What symptoms are mild, and there are patients who may want to get pregnant with natural pregnancy.After pregnancy, the endometrium that runs randomly cannot hear the cyclical call of the ovarian. After 10 months, it may slowly shrink away, and the corresponding symptoms cause the corresponding symptoms.

2. Drug treatment

For example, you can take progesterone drugs (such as short -acting contraceptives), and the menstruation is temporarily stopped first.This trick is also called "fake pregnancy". Like the purpose of pregnancy, I hope that through the "silence" of a year and a half, the running endometrium can slowly disappear.

You can also eat androgen drugs (such as Tannazole), regulate the level of hormone in the body, create a "pseudo -peerless" effect, and shrink the endometrium.However, this method may lead to masculine characteristics, thicker sounds, long hair and so on.

The above drugs have certain side effects. Please take it under the guidance of a professional doctor.

3. Surgical treatment

Removing the endometrium of the chaotic uterine is indeed a direct way, but the possibility of recurrence in surgery.In addition, patients with severe pain, severe cysts and no fertility may also need to remove uterus or ovaries and solve problems once and for all.

Of course, the above method is not as if you want to use.How to cure it?You need a professional doctor to determine according to your actual situation and your needs ~

In the end, the big aunt wants to remind you that if the dysmenorrhea is severe and other parts of the body, it will occur with pain and strange bleeding with the menstrual cycle.It must be attracted attention. Go to the gynecology department to see if the endometriosis is engaged in ghosts!

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