Early diagnosis of AIDS may not be fatal after proper treatment

A friend of Huazi is engaged in public welfare work. The main work content is to help HIV infected people, and Hua Zi occasionally helps.Several of the infected college students, because of their indulgence, provoked the difficult devil of AIDS.

Several young people are very confused and afraid. They are young and have "illness". What should I do in the future of life?Hua Zi told them that there is no need to worry that the current AIDS is not the same as before. Although it cannot be cured, as long as the proper treatment is insisted, it will not affect the life expectancy and can still enjoy a colorful life.

In the impression of most people, AIDS is a disease that can put people dead, and there is no medicine to be saved.However, medicine has been improving. Although it is not completely cured after infection with HIV, it is not saved without medicine.

The number of deaths related to AIDS was 1.7 million in 2004, 1.1 million in 2010, and 690,000 in 2019.In other words, the threat of AIDS to humans is declining significantly.Modern medicine has turned AIDS into a chronic disease that is not fatal.

In fact, HIV does not kill the infected person directly, but it will damage the human immune system, which will cause other severe infection and cancer.As long as the breeding of HIV can be controlled, it will not affect life.

After infection with HIV, there are three stages.

In the first stage, acute infection period.It may show symptoms similar to cold -like, or there may be no symptoms, and after about 4 weeks, enter the next stage.

In the second stage, chronic infection period.There will be no symptoms. If proper treatment is received, you can stay at this stage indefinitely and will not enter the next stage.If it is not treated, it will enter the next stage in about 10 years, but it may also progress suddenly.

The third stage, AIDS period.The body’s immune system has been destroyed by HIV, and it is easy to suffer from various cancers and severe infections. If it is not treated, the survival is about 3 years.

After infection with HIV, the key to obtaining longevity and health is to maintain a lower virus load.The treatment method is mainly "cocktail therapy", which refers to a combined medication solution with a variety of transcriptionase inhibitors and protease inhibitors to inhibit HIV.

Although anti -HIV drugs cannot remove the virus, they can reduce the copy of the virus, improve the body’s immune condition, and keep the virus infected in the second phase for a long time, and keep the condition worsen.There are many HIV -infected people who survive for more than 20 years with the help of drugs, and can maintain a good health state.

In fact, AIDS is the same as the "three high" chronic diseases. Although it cannot be completely cured, it can maintain healthy through reasonable treatment and maintain regular medication without affecting life.

AIDS has three infection pathways, spreading through sexual contact, transmission through blood contact, and spreading to the baby through the mother.Normal social networking will not be infected, such as shaking hands, hugging, eating together, and living in the same dormitory, which are safe.

Now my country is increasingly stricter to the management of blood products, as long as it does not have the dangerous behavior of sharing a syringe with others, it is safe.The most important way to spread AIDS virus is sexual transmission, especially the non -protective behavior between men.

Therefore, as long as we clean and of self -protection, do not have no protection of sexual behavior, do not take drugs, do not share the shaver, toothbrush, etc. to avoid contact with the blood and body fluids of others, we can avoid infection.Women who are infected with HIV If they are pregnant, they need to go to the infectious disease hospital for blocking treatment to reduce the probability of transmission to the fetus.

To sum up, AIDS prevention is the key, but if you are infected with care, don’t panic.Although AIDS does not have a cure method at present, after appropriate drug control, the disease can be controlled for a long time in the second phase, which will not affect the expected life expectancy.Knowing more about AIDS, don’t be afraid because of unknown, AIDS is just an indescribable "chronic disease".I am a pharmacist Hua Zi, welcome to follow me and share more health knowledge.

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