Early pregnancy is low, can fetal conservative progesterone come up?Pregnant mothers have mastered these points, so that there are in my heart

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Youyou has just been pregnant for more than seven weeks, and has checked two progesterone and HCG for blood tests. The first progesterone is 15, the second is 17, and HCG is doubled. The doctor suggested that she keep the fetus.After reading some articles, I learned that I mainly read the doubling of HCG in the early pregnancy, so after listening to the doctor’s advice, she was struggling with whether to take tires and medicines.

Many women are found to be low after pregnancy, and then doctors will recommend tire preservation treatment for prescribed tires, but for pregnant mothers, most of them are not clear in their hearts. Whether progesterone can make up.

In fact, in the early pregnancy, women were found to have low progesterone, and they could not say that the fetus was not developing well. After all, some women were low.There are many such examples around me until the birth of safe and healthy.

Therefore, seven weeks of pregnancy, progesterone is only 15, can it be supplemented? It depends on the physique of women, and it depends on whether to take tire protection drugs. It cannot be said in general.

1. Drug supplement

① progesterone.This is the most common medicine for tire preservation and correction of progesterone levels. It is divided into oral or muscle injection. It has a great impact on the level of progesterone in women’s body.When a progesterone is reviewed, progesterone changes obviously.

However, the use of progesterone can directly affect women’s progesterone level. During use, progesterone will rise quickly during use, but once the drug is stopped, progesterone may still be still.Set down.

② Other fetal preservation medicines.Different doctors prescribed tire protection medicines. In addition to progesterone, commonly used tire preservation medicines, as well as split ketones and some proprietary Chinese medicines.

After taking ground alteru ketones, it is mainly helpful for the stability of the fertilized eggs and the stability of the bed, and the effect of improving the value of progesterone is not great. After taking it, it may be so low to review the progesterone in a few days.Variety.

In addition, there are some tire preservation of Chinese medicine, but due to the many influencing factors of the Chinese patent medicine effect, it is not easy to say that it can make up progesterone.

2. Waiting for natural rise

Some doctors also recommend that pregnant women wait for their natural waiting, and are not recommended to use drug treatment. In this case, progesterone may be supplemented in the later stage, or it may always fluctuate at this level.

Jingma reminds:

① Low progesterone may be a sign of miscarriage, but it may also be that the level of progesterone itself is low.

Each woman’s constitution is different, and there are differences in hormone levels. Therefore, some people themselves are high, and some people themselves are low.I am a person with a low progesterone. The first time I was pregnant for the first time I checked the progesterone was only 7 o’clock, and I went to check again after 3 days, and only 8 o’clock; and I also heard many examples.It is not high, but the child is eventually born and healthy.

② Peridone is just a reference, so you don’t have to worry too much about the level of value.

As mentioned earlier, some women’s progesterone is low, but the fetus is born well, and some women have high progesterone during pregnancy, but they still have miscarriage and the fetus is not kept.

Therefore, the level of progesterone value is just as a reference. It mainly depends on the double situation of HCG. As long as HCG doubles, there is no abdominal pain and bleeding.Too worried.

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