Easy tooth decay during pregnancy, check, brush, line, chew, eliminate the chance of tooth decay

Many mothers have similar experiences. During the pregnancy, the gums are swollen and inflamed. During pregnancy, during static and not chewing, saliva is more acidic, and the oral environment that is prone to tooth decay is recommended. It is recommended that expectant mothers massage the glands and jaws of the face and jaws.The gland and the lower glands are promoted to the secretion of saliva.

In a study of a foreign article studying pregnant women, and research papers in biochemical characteristics of unpaid women in the saliva of the same age and similar education, the key to pregnant women is prone to tooth decay. The key is the pH of saliva.

Easy tooth decay during pregnancy.The key is to be acidic of saliva!

Studies have shown that women in women during pregnancy are significantly lower, and the saliva born in non -irritating (natural) in the mouth is more acidic, and the saliva generated by stimulation is neutral.At the time, the teeth are in an acidic environment, which is easier to cavities.

‘Give a child and drop a teeth’. The expectant mothers must return to the clinic regularly and accept the oral examination. They can also stimulate saliva by massage or chewing gum, neutralize acidity in the mouth, and reduce the chance of tooth decay.

In addition, research has found that how much female hormones secrete can also affect dental health. In 2019, a research on women’s saliva secretion in European Medicine Sciences show that the average age of 56 years of age (after menopause) saliva secretion rate is 45 years old.(Before menopause) It is slow and saliva becomes acidic. Therefore, it is easy to increase the incidence of tooth decay and other oral diseases.

Inspection, brush, line, chewing.Eliminate the probability of tooth decay

Saliva plays an important manner in oral health, because saliva has protection functions such as cleaning antibacterial, neutralizing oral acid -alkali and repairing oral tissue.By chewing, the stimulating saliva is rich in minerals, which can increase the re -mineralization effect of the teeth and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Clinical shows that saliva is reduced and after acid becoming sour, it is easy to cause tooth decay. Even if the tooth tonic, it is often easy to fall off due to the dry mouth, or it will be dropped from the side of the filling, that is, the so -called renewal tooth decay of dentist.

No matter how busy it is, you should do oral hygiene. The easiest way is to love the four words of the teeth ‘inspection, brush, line, chew’:

1. Regularly conduct oral ‘check’ check

2. Use fluoride toothpaste ‘brush’ tooth in the morning and evening

3. Use the tooth ‘line’ every day (great)

4. After eating, drinking ‘chewing, no sugar gum or using fluoridal mouthwash

In addition, by massaging saliva glands to stimulate saliva secretion, it can also maintain oral health. Avoid discomfort such as dry mouth, degradation of oral mucosa burning sensation, decreased taste sensitivity, bitterness in the oral cavity, or metal flavor.

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