Eat 1,000 goose eggs during pregnancy to get fetal poison?Doctor: No "fetal poison" said, eating too much hurts the stomach and stomach

Fetal poisoning is a metaphysics passed down from the older generation.Legend has it that fetal poison is contained in the mother’s body. If it is not removed, it will be left to the baby.The most frequent battle of the "getting poisoning" sand field is undoubtedly goose eggs.

Chengdu’s little Li ate more than 200 goose eggs during pregnancy, and her sister even ate more than 1,000.The sisters gave birth to less children and white skin, so they believed that this was a goose egg.

However, professional doctors may disappoint them.Wei Sumei, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Chengdu Women and Children’s Center Hospital, told Red Star Journalists that there was never the saying of "fetal poison".In addition, goose eggs have no more eggs, and eating too much will cause a burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines of pregnant women.

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I ate 1,000 goose eggs during pregnancy

"Great Graphy Egg Pregnant Women Going to Poison", "Northeast Goose Egg Fresh Pregnant Women Going to Poison", "Agricultural Fresh Raising Fetal Poison" … On the e -commerce platform, depending on the size of the individual, the price of a goose egg ranges from 4 to 8 yuan, and the merchantWhen describing such huge eggs, they often crowned the words "removing fetal poison" and "suitable for pregnant women".

There is a saying in some pregnant mothers: fetal poison is contained in the mother’s body. If it is not eliminated, it will be left to the upcoming babies, such as the baby will bring erythema, eczema, milk, etc. as soon as the baby is born.The most frequent battle of the "getting poisoning" sand field is undoubtedly goose eggs.The sales of goose eggs on the e -commerce platform are tight, and the effect it claims to be "removing fetal poison" is inseparable.

Chengdu girl Xiao Li’s children are almost 8 months old. She told Red Star reporters that she ate more than 200 goose eggs during pregnancy, and her sister even ate more than 1,000, "I think it can work. My sister’s sonThere is no cold at all, and I have never been to the hospital. "Xiao Li’s child’s skin was white and tender, and the picture was as flawless as a filter.

A goose egg is nearly half of the palm of an adult, like an egg that enlarges 3-4 times.At the same time, the goose eggs are heavy and the smell is heavy, and it is difficult to swallow.In order to be able to eat better, Xiao Li and sister always changed their patterns, and tried steamed, boiled, fried, and fry. "I can only eat protein with boiled water."

Doctor: There is no "fetal poison" in Chinese and Western medicine

What exactly is fetal poison?Is goose eggs so amazing?How to choose goose eggs and eggs … In this regard, the reporter contacted Wei Sumei, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Chengdu Women’s Children’s Center Hospital.It turned out that there was no "fetal poison" in both traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine.The existence of the so -called "fetal poisoning" has not been verified by medicine. So why is it the saying of "getting fetal poison"?

Wei Sumei told reporters that goose eggs are less nutritious than eggs.Women’s gastrointestinal function weakens after pregnancy. If you eat too much goose eggs at this time, it will increase the burden on the stomach and cause constipation.If goose eggs work, it meets the pregnant woman’s intake of protein.In addition, goose eggs on traditional Chinese medicine have a certain heat clearing function, but this is not related to "fetal poison". "For example, some newborn babies have rashes, which is related to infection.Cause. "

Wei Sumei suggested that pregnant women should be low, low -fat, and low -carbohydrates in diet during pregnancy.In terms of eggs, it is okay to have an egg in a day.As for whether to eat goose eggs, it does not have much to do with the child’s physical fitness and white skin.

■ Science

Pseudo -scientific sciences on pregnancy and confinement

What are the pseudo -sciences about pregnancy and confinement?In this regard, the reporter sorted out the following:

1) During pregnancy, goose eggs, corn beards, and green fruit cannot be eaten randomly.

In addition to trying to eat a huge goose egg, the corn beard is also a "general poison general" that is not allowed to be at the second place.There are also green fruit boiled water, which is also a high -frequency vocabulary of the seven aunts and eight aunts.However, Wei Sumei said that these have no great effects, especially green fruit, and eating random can cause contraction of pregnant women.

2) Do not see the wind and the air conditioner in confinement. Do you have to wear a hat, long sleeves, and trousers to cover tightly?

wrong!In fact, indoor air circulation should be kept during confinement, not only cannot "avoid wind", but also "ventilation". In this way, the indoor virus and bacterial density should be less, and the maternal is not easy to get sick.The temperature of the air conditioner should be adjusted at 22-26 degrees, do not blow directly.At the same time, wearing sweat -absorbing and comfortable cotton fabrics should be loose in confinement.Adjust the thickness of the dress according to the ambient temperature, without hats without wind.

3) Do not take a bath, wash your hair, and brush your teeth, right?

wrong!The decline in postpartum resistance, coupled with less meals, is more likely to cause oral infections, cause gingivitis and periodontitis, so the mother should brush her teeth.Brush your teeth every morning and evening with soft hair tooth brush, rinse your mouth after eating.The production process is often sweaty, and it is easy to breed bacteria on the body, which is not conducive to postpartum recovery. Bathing is very necessary.About 3 days after delivery, 7-10 days after surgery, the wound can be shower without abnormalities.Pay attention to the shower method, do not take a bath or bath.After washing your hair, you should dry your hair.

4) Drink brown sugar water in confinement and eat 10 eggs a day, right?

wrong!In the past, the medical conditions were not good. Drinking brown sugar water after delivery was to increase the amount of bleeding from discharging the blood clot in the body.Under modern medical conditions, there is no need to increase the amount of bleeding volume to discharge blood clots, especially maternal cesarean section, let alone drink more brown sugar water and eat longan dates.There are also foods such as lame, angelica, astragalus and other foods and stasis stasis.The mother eats one egg every day, and it is not more than two. It will not absorb more than two human body, but will create waste for the body.

Red Star News reporter Hu Ting Dai Jiajia

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