Eat almond in autumn, Run Yang Yishou

It is dry in autumn and is most suitable for raising. When it comes to the most "moist" food in autumn, there must be no almonds.

The people know that almonds have the effect of relieving cough and asthma. When they cough, put a little almond in the soup, or squeeze a cup of fresh almond dew to drink.

my country is the main place of apricot. There are about 1,500 varieties across the country, such as Jinxing in Jinan, the red in the sea of ​​Qingdao, Xiangbai Xing in Zunhua, Hebei, Cao Xing in Sanyuan, Shaanxi, Da Tao Xing in Dongxiang, Gansu Badan apricot and so on.

Different varieties, the sexual taste effects of almonds are also different.For a long time, people only know that the taste of almonds is bitter, which is the sacred medicine to reduce qi and asthma.In addition, there are sweet almonds, sweet almonds, non -toxic, dual -use medicine, and have good benefits.

Apricot Forest Chun Nuan’s allusions

Idioms Apricot Lin Chunnun (also as an apricot forest Chun Man) means that Xinglin Chun is full of meaning to praise the medical skills.

Allusions: Dong Feng, the word Junyi, Fujian Houguan (now Fuzhou), has high Taoist and medical skills, and is named "Jian’an Three God Doctors" with Hua Yan and Zhang Zhongjing at the time.

According to the "Three Kingdoms · Shi Shi Biography", it has been three days since the history of Jiaozhou assassination is fainted.The fainting thorns opened their eyes magically, and they could move their hands and feet.The color is gradually recovered, and you can sit for half a day.Similar records are detailed in the "Fairy Biography".

Although Dong Feng was clever, he had never collected money to treat people, but he was required to grow apricot trees next to his house.Each person who is cured with severe illnesses has five apricot trees, and each patient with mild disease is planted with apricot trees.A few years later, Dong Feng healed tens of thousands of patients, and there were more than 100,000 apricot trees under the planting, Yu Ranchenglin.

Dong Feng was self -cultivation, and this apricot forest was called "Dong Lin Xinglin".At the time of the apricot cooked season, Dong Fengzhang Bang announced that anyone who bought apricots here does not collect money, but instead uses rice to exchange for a bucket of rice.Dong Feng will use the rice that is exchanged for apricot, all used to rescue the poor.

It was because of Dong Feng’s noble virtue that he had won the general admiration of the people, and Dong Feng was famous for his popularity and chanting.

After Dong Fengyu, the people in Lushan set up altars in Xinglin to worship the kind Taoist doctor.Later, people built apricot altars, live altars, and reporting fairy altars at the residence of Dong Feng to commemorate Dong Feng.

In this way, the word Xinglin gradually became a special term for doctors. People like to use discourse such as "Xinglin Chun Man", "Full of Apricot Forest" and "Wonderful Handef Chun" to praise.It is also commonly used to praise the clever and noble medical ethics of doctors.

The ancients believe that eating almonds often

"Small Gossip" records: "Hanlin bachelor Shan Sangson, staying in the Qingcheng Mountain Road Courtyard, Menghuang said that he can take almonds and make you smart, old and strong, and tirelessly.After rushing, with seven of the seven mouths, take off peeling and chewing for a long time.

The idea is that the Ming Dynasty’s Hanlin Bachelor Cindezon once went out. He stayed at the Qingcheng Mountain Road Courtyard at night and dreamed that a Taoist taught him a long life secret recipe and let him eat seven almonds every day.The Hanlin bachelor followed this prescription and persistently. Until the elderly, he was still strong, his ears were clear, his mind was agile, and his longevity was enduring.

According to reports, Fiji residents of the Pacific Island nation have no cancer.The conclusion of the scholars’ research is: here is rich in apricot, and people love to eat apricot and almonds.

In addition, Uyghur residents in Kashgar, Hetian, Aksu, Kuqan and other places in southern Xinjiang have poor life, but there are many longevity old people. One of the important reasons is to eat sweet almonds.

So, what’s the use of almonds?Take everyone to understand today.


The sweet almonds of soup, the bitter almonds of medicine, and the big almonds that are eaten as snacks. Are these three the same?

Almonds are divided into north and south. The northern almonds are dry and mature seeds of Rosacea’s plant mountain apricot, Siberian apricot, northeast apricot or apricot. The south almonds are the dry and mature seeds of apricots such as the rosaceae plant crystal apricot and gold leaf big apricot.

The taste of northern almonds is bitter, and the south almond taste is sweet. Therefore, north almond is also known as bitter almonds, and South almonds are also called sweet almonds.

▲ Comparison of bitter almonds and sweet almond traits

The skin of the bitter almond fruit is dark yellow, and the texture on it is relatively thin, small, thick, flat heart, top tip, blunt and thick at the base, slightly asymmetric left and right; the skin of sweet almond fruit is pale yellow, on the skin on the skinThe lines are relatively thick, with flat ovate, one end round, the tip of the other end, large and flat, the base is slightly symmetrical, and it is slightly larger than bitter almond.

The taste of bitter almonds is slightly bitter, the sex is slightly warm, and the lungs and the large intestine are returned to the lungs.It has the effects of relieving cough and asthma, and intestinal laxative. It is often used for cough and asthma, breasts are full of sputum, and intestinal dryness.

Sweet almond flavor is slightly sweet, flat, moisturizing phlegm, cough and asthma, and the medicinal strength is relatively gentle.

The treatment effects of the two are similar, but there are some differences. The bitter almond town cough effect is stronger than sweet almonds, and longer than qi; while sweet almond moisturizing is better than bitter almonds, which is greater than Qingrun.Bitter almonds are generally used for medicine, and sweet almonds are mostly used for diet.

▲ Big almond

Nut almonds that are usually used as snacks, commonly known as "Badanmu", are actually seeds of peach plant tonsils or their own Asian plants.The same thing.

It is worth noting that the biggest difference between bitter almonds and sweet almonds is whether it is toxic. Although the composition of the two is roughly the same, the content of bitter almondosides is different.Bitteride is the source of bitterness, efficacy, and toxicity.The content of bitter almondin in sweet almonds is not high and the toxicity is not high.

After hydrolysis of bitter almondoside, hydrocyanic acid can be produced. Trace hydrocyanic acid can inhibit the respiratory center of the person and play a role of antitussive and asthma.

Bitter almonds have small poison, and the application process should be controlled to make it exert the effect and avoid poisoning.Therefore, the saying goes to say that "apricot hurts people" has a certain scientific basis.

Almond has "three good"


As the saying goes, "radish almond dried ginger pears, coughing is effective without seeking medical treatment."Almonds have unique cough, lungs, and asthma, and can effectively deal with cough symptoms often appearing in autumn.

The effect of almond moisturizing lungs has long been recorded, and the "Compendium of Materia Medica" said that almonds "moisturize the lungs, eliminate accumulation, and stagnate."

Drinking a cup of hot almond dew this season will make your lungs more moist.Add the food of moisturizing the lungs and yin to the lungs and yin in almond dew, and boil into almonds, and the effect of moisturizing the lungs can be doubled.

02 laxative

In dry autumn, constipation problems often occur.Some may have no intention of just a few days, and some have stools every day, but they are hard to solve, and they are uncomfortable.

Even if you do not meet the "autumn dryness", constipation will often bother many people.Many people want to use "diet therapy" to solve it, so there are also a lot of laxative "secret recipes" in life, such as Fanxia leaves, banana mud, oat porridge, etc. In contrast, "traditional" honeyWater is already the best choice.

In fact, the key to dietary therapy is the "qi", and the other is "moisturizing the intestines". Most "secret recipes" have only one of the effects, and almonds are both two points."Medical Forest Classics" said: "Everyone with a seed is moist." And almond -rich almonds can not only moisturize the lungs and breath, but also moisturize the intestines.

Chinese medicine often says that "the lung and the large intestine are in the same way" means that the lungs and the large intestine are a good partner of collaboration up and down. When the lung qi is smooth, the intestinal operation will be very smooth; on the contraryIt is naturally affected by downstream.

Almonds can not only reduce lung qi, but also rich in oil, which can lubricate the intestines, so it is good for the "qi knot" or "dryness" of the intestine.People who have constipation in daily life, or bloating after eating, drink some almond dew, will feel smooth in the intestine.

03 beneficial blood vessels

Almonds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which will help reduce the level of "bad cholesterol" and benefit heart health.

Studies have shown that consumption of almonds helps to regulate cholesterol levels. Choosing almonds as snacks is a simple way to prevent metabolic diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Choose almond almonds if you enter the meal

Bitter almonds are generally used for medicine. Sweet almonds are mostly used for diet.

According to determination, the content of bitter almondin in bitter almonds reaches about 3%, while sweet almonds are only 0.111%.This makes sweet almonds have the effect of relieving cough and asthma, but there is no disadvantage of food poisoning, so it is more suitable for daily consumption.When using bitter almonds, in addition to "reducing poisoning", it is also necessary to strictly control the amount under the guidance of a professional physician to be safe and effective.

Tips: Fresh almonds cannot eat

Almost all fruits can be eaten directly, including the most common apricots, peaches, Li, apples, pear, etc. in life.The nuts of such fruits contain a toxic compounds such as cyanide. After hydrolyzing, toxic hydrocyric acid will be generated, and eating raw food will cause poisoning.

However, the kernels sold in the supermarket have been treated. For example, almonds have been repeatedly immersed in water before sale, the cyanoside hydrolysis inside is fully released. Such almonds are almonds that can be eaten.

Almond recipe 01 Pumpkin almond soup material: 250 grams of pumpkin, 25 grams of sweet almonds, an appropriate amount of salt.Method: Wash pumpkin, peel and cut into small pieces, and wash almonds.Inject water into the pot, add south melon pieces and almonds. After cooking on high heat, change the heat and cook until it is cooked. Add an appropriate amount of salt.

Efficacy: intestinal laxative, lowering lipids and losing weight.

02 Materials of almonds: 10-20 grams of sweet almonds, 50 grams of yam, 20 grams of walnut meat, and an appropriate amount of honey.Method: Wash the first three flavors and peel and peel it. Add honey, add water to boil in appropriate amount, and take frequently.

Efficacy: Moisture and laxative.

03 Oats almonds: 20 grams each of oats, rice, lily, yam, 10 grams each of sweet almonds, barley kernels, and an appropriate amount of honey or rock sugar.Method: Wash all the ingredients and put the cooking machine to make a paste. You can add a small amount of rock sugar or honey according to your own taste.

Efficacy: moisturizing whitening and delaying aging.■

[Source: The content of this article is comprehensively sorted out of WeChat public accounts such as health China, Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr. Chen Yanxia), Chinese Medicine Book Friendship Association, some pictures source: Medicinal Plant Illustration WeChat public account, Chinese plant image library]

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