Eat garlic PK race: which place of the Chinese, dare to eat garlic with Germans?

You must have heard this sentence: eat meat without garlic, less nutrition.The Chinese feelings of garlic are very deep. As one of the most common ingredients in daily life, garlic contracted the functions such as seasoning, fishy, fragrant, and nutrition, and even became a part of barbecue materials.

The Chinese love to eat garlic. Simple cooking, first use garlic pot, ordinary cold mix, you have to add garlic to taste, and even garlic can be made into a seasoning, becoming roasted oysters, roasted shrimp, steaming, steaming, steaming, and steamingA great partner of seafood such as scallops.So, let’s host a PK race for garlic!

China Shaanxi

Shaanxi people eat garlic, which is matched with pasta.First peel the garlic in front of the food, the noodles are skin, garlic is the soul, the most enjoyable is the wide noodles with garlic. First, peel the purple skin and garlic, pour a large bowl of oil, be affordable and full.Paired with pupa, it is mainly sugar garlic and dried garlic, especially the sugar garlic. After marinating, it is an appetizer.

Shandong China

Shandong people are also a good hand to eat garlic, and Cangshan garlic in Shandong has become a local specialty crop since the Eastern Han Dynasty.It is said that the soil of Cangshan contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements. The garlic produced is fragrant and spicy. The garlic meat appears sticky, thick, and delicious.


Different from the two northern provinces above, Cantonese people eat garlic to eat cooked garlic, and they are divided into gold, silver, garlic, and garlic crisps to match local seafood, time vegetables, and noodles.Cantonese who are good at cooking and rich ingredients are good at making garlic and other ingredients.And a little benefit of cooked dishes is that the mouth is not so smelly after eating.

Of course, more than only people in these three provinces love garlic, but they simply choose the representatives to introduce.Garlic all over the world can be called the "big brother" of the world’s vegetable industry. If anyone asks: How many you are?Garlic can be proud to say: I "garlic" boss.

As early as 6,000 years ago, the Babylonians began to plant garlic and worshiped garlic.Later, garlic spread to Egypt, Greece, and the entire Mediterranean region. As the origin of Europe, the love for garlic has been circulating.Garlic in ancient India also has a high status. It is said that the Indians can sing and dance because they often eat garlic.

The planting history of garlic is 的 The history of human beings, and our four ancient countries have praised garlic, and the garlic is added to its own civilization to produce a variety of cultures (such as garlic can drive retreat vampires, such as garlic rescue.Zhang Jian in the Western Regions, etc.).To this day, garlic is still one of the most important ingredients in people’s lives.

So where is the most favorite country in the world?Do you think it is China?No, German talents are enthusiasts eating garlic enthusiasts.The Germans’ love for garlic is very special, reflecting that there will be garlic shops in them, and the Germans will eat garlic in three meals a day.

The Germans believe that garlic is not just condiments, it is also natural antibiotics.According to statistics, Germans consume more than 8,000 tons of garlic, and even old -fashioned shops with garlic, specialty restaurants of garlic, and garlic sausage, garlic, garlic bread, canned garlic, garlic jam, etc.

The city of Dam Ste in Germany is held every year. This festival has a history of more than 100 years.Every year, thousands of garlic gourmets are attracted to cook and taste garlic food. Girls who choose to be beautiful will become "Garlic Queen". Wearing the "crown" woven in garlic and promotes the delicious food for garlic.

In this way, our provinces that love garlic may not be able to compete with the Germans to eat garlic.However, there is a difference that the Germans and even the Mediterranean people eat garlic to eat cooked garlic. Unlike our northern provinces, they love to eat raw garlic.So if it is more than eating raw garlic, our northern province should be better.

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