Eat more leeks in summer, share 3 special methods of leeks, delicious and delicious, help digestion without burning heart

Eat more leeks in summer and share 3 special methods of leeks. It is delicious and delicious.Dear friends, hello everyone, I am a chef Jiang Yizhou. I am here today. I will share with you the time for food. Are you ready?

Summer chives can be said to be the most tender and delicious of the year. Because it has just passed the cold winter, and after a whole spring germination grows, the leek has grown to just eat it, so it is necessary to eat more in summer.Chinese chives,

So today I have shared with you Jiang Yizhou. The characteristics of 3 leeks are delicious and delicious to help digestion, and at the same time do not burn the heart.Follow me down.

I believe there are no friends, and I do n’t like to eat leek boxes. Today, I will share with you the delicious leeks of the leeks in my family.

In a pound of flour, put him three or two water and add a spoonful of salt, so that it can increase the muscle of the dough, and then hit a egg so that the skin will not become hard for a long time.

Then fresh leeks, clean, be sure to control the water completely, cut into a broken end, put some sesame oil and mix, seal the knife mouth of the leek to prevent it from getting out of water, then sprinkle some salt in the leek, chicken essence, MSG seasoning, seasoning, MSG seasoning.

Finally, put on a few raw eggs and mix well, then roll the dough into dough, wrap the chives and eggs in it, preheat the biscuits, brush the oil in advance, fry the two sides for two minutes, and then you can eat it after frying it., Delicious and delicious, help digestion and not heartbroken.

Leek roast duck blood dish, delicious and delicious and rice, and help digestion and not heartbroken at the same time. The leek is really a little warm, but with the cold duck blood burning, the taste is right, and they bothNothing, I won’t be heartbroken, and share it with you.

Fresh duck blood cut him into large pieces. After the water is boiled, put it out for two minutes and remove it. The leek was cleaned and cut him.Dried garlic pepper,

Add the pot to some oil, stir -fry the green onion ginger and garlic dried peppers, put the leek stalks into the pot, stir -fry the high heat twice, stir -fry the flavor of the leek, put the leek leaves and duck blood, put it in the oyster sauce soy sauce raw soy sauce raw soy sauce., Salt, chicken essence, seasonings, stir -fry the heat evenly, you can get out of the pan, delicious and delicious, and help digestion and not heartbroken. Let’s do it quickly.

Leek stall eggs, this home -cooked dish, I believe many friends eat it, but the taste made by many friends is not so fragrant. Today I will teach you to do it.

First of all, let’s make leek stall eggs. It is best to choose the soil eggs of the farmhouse. After adding a few earth eggs in the bowl, prepare some leeks to clean and cut it, put a piece of white vinegar, put a little warm water and stir fully water.Uniform,

White vinegar can remove the fishy smell, and the warm water can make the fried eggs fluffy and soft, and finally add some salt to season and stir well, heat the pot to some oil, put the egg liquid in the pot, and when it is cooked on both sides, you can get it, and you can get it on both sides.Eat out of the pan, the outer coke is tender, the fragrant meals, help digestion without burning heart, do it quickly.

How about friends, after reading the article, this time I know summer, eat more leeks, I shared these three characteristics of you, you have to collect it, I am a chef Jiang Yizhou, let’s see it next time.

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