Eat oranges during bathing, can you get a dream experience?IntersectionThis little brother took everyone to discover the New World

Have you tried oranges while taking a bath?

Recently, a little brother abroad has discovered the new continent …

He will eat oranges in bathing as one of the most "dreamy" experiences on the earth.

You don’t have to worry about the juice that can be caught everywhere, it is difficult to clean up.

The heat and humidity in the bathroom will also expand the smell of orange infinitely. The release of the release of citrus will help relieve stress.

Therefore, this is a comprehensive and special experience.

This theory, whoever reads it, will inevitably feel "weird", but people who are curious can’t help but try,

So far, the topic view of "”Shower" has exceeded 7 million times. Many netizens have shared their own experience:

"It should be cool, just like monkeys in tropical storms, where can I get?"

"I just tried in the bathroom. The fragrant citrus flavor fluttered in my bathroom. A magical experience will definitely recommend it to others."

Some people share their attempts. She brought the "ice" orange that was refrigerated overnight into the bathroom.

As soon as the skin of the oranges was peeled, a fresh aroma immediately permeated the entire apartment, which made people refreshing.

The original sticky juice was flushed with the flow of the water, and the cold taste enhanced the taste of the orange, and formed an interesting comparison with the hot shower.

She said that opening a new day in this way is indeed very "dreamy".

On the famous Reddit, there is also a section called "Bath with Orange".

People who gather here shared their own experiences and feelings, and even for oranges or not to peel and eat red ears …


"The key is that this is a primitive experience. The point is not orange, nor is it bathing, but the call of the original beast in your heart. I urge you to take a bath next time, do not peel it! Use your claws to tear it with your claws to tear with your clawsOpen it, and you are fast, don’t worry about whether you have eaten a full orange, and don’t worry about how you clean up the peel in the future. If you are thinking, you are wrong! "


"Dipping the orange skin during a bath will produce an incredible sense of meditation. While letting the body bathe in warm water, carefully peel the skin and use my fingertips to feel the cold orange meat.However, the heart. Focus on the sound of flowing water and the process of peeling oranges, let it occupy your heart until you peel off a long ray of orange peel.

It is precisely at this time that you will eat the smooth oranges like a hungry horse of a sobbing fresh apple.

If you don’t peel off, you must always ensure that you will not be strangled by orange skin, which will disperse your attention to the original deliciousness.

A pure orange that can be eaten immediately, and there is no orange skin from you and orange meat."

Although most people have not eaten oranges while taking a bath,

But in some cultures, this approach is not uncommon.

"In Morocco, when we go to the steam bath, everyone will bring oranges/oranges to eat, which can prevent fainting."

"Iranian men will bring oranges into the bathroom and eat it. This is an ancient tradition, which feels great."

But so many people have expressed their experience in the experience,

May wish to try it too ~

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