Eat peaches in summer, be careful that there are crickets in peaches!

Peach is a large fruit in summer, but do you know, there may be small "蜈" in the peach, which is the peachworm.This bug is about 1 cm long.There is a insect in the peach. It is a kind of pest parasitic in the trunk of the peach tree.This kind of pests are mainly eaten by protein, fat and other substances in peach tree fruit.When we eat peaches, these worms are eaten, which reduces the harm or even disappear.However, some people do not know that there are worms in the peaches, so once you find such a situation, you must do it immediately.

Before the peach is mature, the peachworm will lay eggs on the peach.After the peach mature, the eggs will hatch larvae, and the larvae will continue to eat peach kernels in the peach until they grow into adults.This process may last for two or three months. Therefore, if there are worms in the peaches, the bugs invade during the growth period of peaches.

Although peachworms are not poisonous insects, if you accidentally eat bugs in the peach, you still need to go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.Because the bugs eat peach kernels in peaches, they will also excrete the fluid. Light may cause symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and severe cases.Therefore, once this happens, you must seek medical treatment immediately to avoid affecting normal life.In addition, the eggs and larvae in the peach should be cleared in time.Of course, in addition to these, be careful not to let the pests in the peach tree survive.

In order to avoid eating bugs in peaches, we can take the following measures:

1. When buying a peach, choose a packaging or detected peach.

2. When you pick peaches yourself, you can shake the peach first and listen to whether there are abnormal noises inside. If you may be a peachworm.

3. After cutting the peach, you can observe it carefully. If you find a bug, you must throw away the entire peach.

Now that the peach is the peak season, we must remember that although the peaches are good, we must pay attention to safety.Before eating peaches, be sure to see clearly to ensure that there are no bugs in the peach.If you unfortunately eat the bugs in the peach, don’t panic, go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible, so as not to cause unnecessary harm.In addition, you should try to avoid eating fruits and vegetables containing pesticides, because these foods are greatly harmful to human health, and it will also increase the risk of cancer.In particular, some patients with hypertension, diabetes or arteriosclerosis are more likely to be violated by these foods.

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