Eat the disease!Can cause miscarriage and fetal malformations, many people in this "killer" are there!

Refrigerator, super great invention in human life.

Take it frozen watermelon, drinks, ice cream in the summer, and use it to install leftovers for leftovers during the New Year.Both fruits and vegetables, or chickens, ducks, fish and sheep, can be stuffed in!And keep it fresh for a long time.

Unfortunately, such a great invention also has loopholes; such "fresh" food will also be sick.

I just saw a case not long ago. A grandma took out the grapes placed in the refrigerator for the grandson to eat. After eating, the grandson had spitting down and diarrhea that night, which caused to go to the hospital for hospitalization.Parents were too busy to work during the day, and they had to go to the hospital to keep their children at night. They quarreled with their grandmother under the anxiety.

"How many times I told you, don’t give your children casually in the refrigerator, why can’t you remember!"

Grandma is also very aggrieved. The grapes in the refrigerator are obviously fresh. There is no bad place at all. How can it cause the child to vomit and diarrhea?

In fact, the key to this problem is not whether the grapes are fresh, but the parents do not know that there is already a germ called "Listel" in the refrigerator.

Listor mainly uses food as the medium. After entering the human body, the digestive tract, eyes, damaged skin and mucous membranes, causing infection, leading to Listel disease.After infection with Liszt bacteria, fever, diarrhea, muscle pain, headache and other symptoms occur.

"Isn’t it just a stomach, something is great." Many people may have such an idea when they see it here. If you have the above symptoms, it can only show that the main attack object of Liszer bacteria is not you.Because pregnant women are its key attack targets.

Once pregnant women are infected with Liszt bacteria, bacteria may be transmitted to the fetus through placenta, causing abortion, fetal malformations, neonatal sepsis, and purulent meningitis.

If you do n’t believe in evil, you can open the browser to search for the two news that “Zhejiang women eat cold cucumber for 20 weeks” and “24 weeks of pregnant women who eat non -clean food and give birth to the baby”, which is enough to make you see the power of LisztoEssence

Liste bacteria exist in various foods, and it can survive in aerobic and anaerobic environment. It can survive for 1 year at low temperatures at -20 ° C, and it will not be killed in 5 minutes at a high temperature at 75 ° C.The frozen chamber is not worth mentioning for Listella.Liste bacteria can reproduce a large number of food in the refrigerator, causing a variety of food pollution, and the title of "refrigerator killer" also comes from this.

Data show that there are three kinds of foods that are easily contaminated by Listel.

1. Ice cream

Ice cream, especially homemade ice cream, is not infected by Liszto.

2. Salad

When making vegetables and fruit salads, the ingredients are not cleaned or incomplete, which will cause terrible Liste bacteria to be eaten by us.

3. Cooked food

The cooked food sold outside is usually placed at room temperature for several hours. It may contain a lot of Liszter. It is easy to eat bacteria into the stomach.

Want to know how many Liszt bacteria in your refrigerator?See if you have committed these "taboos"!

Buy fruits and vegetables and directly plug the refrigerator;

Mix raw meat and cooked meat;

Rarely clean up the refrigerator, or even a few times a year;

The leftovers are put in the refrigerator and ate it for several days, or for a long time to eat.

If you are all of the above, the doctor advises you to clean up the refrigerator quickly!

If you want to stay away from Listel, you must learn to deal with food correctly.

1. Heating food thoroughly

Liste bacteria can be killed 5 minutes at a high temperature of 70 ° C. Therefore, cooking food should increase the heat and time, and eat food before eating.

2. Clean the refrigerator regularly

The refrigerator looks clean. In fact, it is easy to breed bacteria every day to get in and out of food. It should develop a good habit of cleaning the refrigerator regularly.

3. Raw cooked separation

Many people like to stuff the food in the refrigerator with all the food. In fact, the raw animal, poultry meat and seafood should be separated from other foods. It is best to prepare a few more chopping boards for food.

4. Wash ingredients

When taking out the ingredients from the refrigerator, it is recommended to clean it again whether you have washed it before putting it in. The milk and cakes of Kaifeng can easily breed Liszt bacteria. It is best to finish it.

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