Eat these four types of foods to help you improve the "depression" emotions

Recently, the famous singer Li Yan died of depression, and the topic of "depression" has also attracted public attention.When depression appears, we must actively look for treatment methods, not only psychologically comfortable, drug support, but also adjustment in diet.

More and more studies have shown that the choice of food may have a certain auxiliary effect on treatment and prevention of brain diseases. Eating some corresponding foods can also play a certain improvement of depression.

Four categories that can alleviate depression

1. Food rich in vitamin B

A study announced by the Psychiatric College of the British Medical Commission shows that vitamin B has greatly helped to treat depression.Researchers have found that if the blood of patients with depression contains more vitamin B12, the effect of patients after treatment is more significant.If elderly patients contain more B1, B2, and B6 in their bodies, the treatment effect is significantly better than other patients with depression.Vitamin B12 can be obtained from animals. Edible animal liver, egg yolk and fish can increase the content of vitamin B in the blood.

2. Rose tea

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the rose is slightly bitter and warm, and the most obvious effect is to relieve qi and relieve depression, promote blood circulation, and regulate menstruation.In addition, the medicinal properties of roses are very mild, which can warm people’s heart and liver blood veins, relieve the depression in the body, and play a effect of sedation, soothing, and anti -depression.

It should be reminded that it is best not to drink roses with tea leaves.Because there is a large amount of tannic acid in tea, it will affect the effect of roses to relieve liver and relieve depression.

3. Fish

Eating fish can improve mental disorders. This is because the omega-3 fatty acids contained in the fish can produce a similar role in antidepressant, which reduces the psychological anxiety of people.

American scholars have studied mental disorders patients, and found that the interval time for patients with depression after taking fish and oil capsules was significantly extended significantly compared to patients with conventional drugs.In addition, eating fish can also affect the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in women’s milk, which can reduce the incidence of depression.

4. Foods containing trace elements selenium, zinc, and copper

Zinc is mainly in the form of metal enzymes in the human body. The rest is distributed in the body in the form of protein binding. Zinc deficiency will affect the energy metabolism and oxidation reduction process of brain cells.The highest amount of zinc in food is oysters, and animal liver and kidney and dairy products are also distributed.

The lack of copper in the body can also cause the internal inhibitory process of nerve cells to disorders, causing the endocrine system to be excited and insomnia.Squid, shrimp, mutton, mushrooms, etc. are rich in copper.

Selenium foods can also treat mental depression.Psychologists find that people have felt good and have more coordinated thinking after eating foods containing selenium.The rich sources of selenium include dried fruits, chicken, seafood, valley, etc.

Four categories that cannot be eaten or eat less food

1. Refreshing drink

Similar to coffee, tea, cola drinks, do not take too much, especially before going to bed in the evening.Otherwise, caffeine contains caffeine to recruit insomnia and headaches, and insomnia is one of the main incentives of depression.

2. Foods rich in saturated fat

Processing foods or fried foods, such as fried chicken, burgers, fries, can lead to slow movement, slow thinking and fatigue.

3. Spicy pickled smoked foods avoid excessive amount

Avoid irritating foods such as spicy, spicy, pickled, smoked, etc., because there are more causes of insomnia, patients should choose foods that are suitable for them according to their physique.

4, wine

Driving wine into food that causes depression is because people have misunderstood this method of relieving stress for a long time.If you consume alcohol too much, it will stimulate the brain nerves, cause insomnia and dreams, and inadequate attention, thereby aggravating depression.

In addition to not eating or eating less food, patients with depression must also do a good job of living conditioning to ensure that there are 7 to 8 hours of sleep time every day, arrange work and schedule reasonably, maintain a spirit of comfortable and optimistic mood, and establish the disease to defeat the disease.Confidence.Text/Zhao Qian (Beijing State Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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