Eating more "taboos" in spring, keep in mind "3 not to eat, 3 not to let go, 1 don’t forget", don’t understand

Back to the earth in spring, everything recovers!After a whole severe winter, the bamboo shoots slowly emerged in spring.We call it spring bamboo shoots in spring, and it is also the fresh taste in spring!The spring bamboo shoots are crispy and delicious, and the nutritional value is also very rich, and it is loved by everyone.

Although it is delicious, there are actually a lot of things to pay attention to.Especially for eating, we have to follow "3 don’t eat, 3 don’t let go, 1 don’t forget"!Let ’s take a look at it specifically to avoid losing money!

1. Don’t forget to simmer

The step that you must not forget to eat bamboo shoots is to simmer the bamboo shoots first.As for why it is necessary to simmer this problem, it is determined from two aspects!First of all, because there is a substance of calcium oxalate in bamboo shoots, it is not easy to digest it directly, and it will also cause strong stimulation to our gastric mucosa. Therefore, from the health, we will simmer the water first.

The second is the taste. Although the fresh bamboo shoots are crispy and tender, the taste is bitter, and it will actually affect it. I remember that my mother’s first thing after dugting the bamboo shoots was peeled with water.

How to simmer water?

After receiving the bamboo shoots, you should deal with it immediately, and draw a knife from the root to the top.Along the gaps in the scratch, a layer of bamboo shoots came down with your hands, and it was easy.No matter how old the roots are removed, it is tender to cut off with a knife.After cutting, then rinse it and cut it half. At this time, the bamboo shoots are like small pagodas, which are very beautiful.The more dense the bamboo shoots, the tenderness of the bamboo shoots.Boil the water in the pan, boil the water for two spoons of salt, put the bamboo shoots in, then turn to low heat for 15-20 minutes, remove and let it cool.

How to save it after simmering?

Depending on how much small bags you eat each time, you can refrigerate the refrigerator in a short period of time, which can be stored for a week.Like our family, there will be a lot of bamboo shoots every time, which is not eaten in a short time, so most of them will be frozen, which is also the same as refrigerating. Putting it with a small bag. One bag is a amount of eating once. After the tie is tiedThrow the refrigerator directly and freeze it when you eat it with water. It is also tender and delicious.Or you can put it directly under the sun and make it into a bamboo shoot.

1. Don’t put chicken essence

The way to eat bamboo shoots is very good, like the most common spring bamboo shoots fried shredded pork, oily spring bamboo shoots, spring bamboo shoots, etc., are all very delicious.The practice of spring bamboo shoots is also suitable for all kinds of fried, burning, cooking, and stewing.It has the reputation of "versatile and versatile", especially cooking with meat, which will make the taste particularly delicious.At this time, we don’t need to put other seasonings, especially chicken essence.Chicken essence is fresh, and the fresh spring is different from the freshness of the chicken essence, so there is no need to draw a snake.

2. Don’t put oyster sauce

Many people now put oyster sauce when they cook, including myself, especially when they are cooking meat, they will put a spoonful of oyster sauce to raise fresh.Oyster sauce and chicken essence are different. The freshness of oyster sauce seems to be more prominent. Because the raw materials of oyster sauce are mainly oysters, it belongs to seafood, so the freshness of oyster sauce is like a slogan, which is a taste of the sea.So the taste of umami will be more obvious.The freshness of the bamboo shoots is refreshing, light and sweet, so you can’t put oyster sauce, otherwise it will cover the freshness of the bamboo shoots and make the taste strange!

3. Don’t put soy products

When we cook, we are not recommended to put soy products.Because there are oxalic acid in bamboo shoots, tofu contains magnesium oxide and calcium sulfate, the combination of calcium sulfate will generate insoluble or insoluble magnesium oxalate and calcium oxalate, which will affect the absorption of calcium and may cause stones.

1. Do not eat with brown sugar

Bamboo shoots cannot be eaten with brown sugar, otherwise it will form lysine, which is unhealthy for our body.Syphniac brown sugar can not be eaten with bamboo shoots. If you try it together, it is likely to cause a poisoning reaction.

2. Do not eat with pigs

The pork pork row is a ribs near the belly part.Although the pig’s row is rich in high -quality protein, there are also nutrients such as fatty acids necessary for our human body, easy to absorb calcium, and collagen.It is precisely because if you can’t eat it with bamboo shoots, it will affect the absorption of calcium.

3. Do not eat with mutton and lamb liver

According to the "Chinese Calendar": "Bamboo shoots and sheep liver." "Daily Materia Medica" also introduced: "Bamboo shoots and sheep liver eat, which is blind." The blind meaning means that it is not good for the eyes, we nutrition we are nutritious, we are nutritious.Eyes are healthy.This is because there are some biologically active substances such as enzymes in the bamboo shoots. Cooking and eating with sheep liver will produce some harmful material or destroy nutrients such as vitamin A, which will affect eye health.That is the blindness mentioned earlier.In addition, eating bamboo shoots and lamb can also cause abdominal pain, so everyone thinks that bamboo shoots and lamb and lamb and mutton are mutually accepted, and they cannot be eaten together.

1. Oil breeze spring bamboo shoots

1. Fresh spring spring bamboo shoots use knives to open the bamboo shell from the root to the tip of the bamboo shoots, and then strip on both sides, and the tender bamboo shoots are peeled away.

2. If you buy too much, you can simmer the water and dry the water. Put the refrigerator for a week, or freeze it.If you eat it now, just change the water and simmer the water. You can put some salt and vinegar to remove the astringent smell.

3. Put oil in the pot and sauté the green onions. Stir -fry the scent of the bamboo shoots. Pour the adjusted juice and stir -fry evenly.If you like spicy food, you can put it in an appropriate amount of millet pepper and cook together.

4. If you do n’t like the color too much, you can put less old soy sauce when the seasoning, and taste salty when you are salt and decide whether to put it, because some raw soy sauce is very salty.Sprinkle the green onion.

2, sauerkraut fried bamboo shoots

»The list of ingredients ingredients 笋 bamboo shoots, pork belly, sauerkraut, green pepper, millet spicy, garlic seedlings

1. Now it is the season for eating bamboo shoots. We are ready to sprint and cut into small pieces or small ding.

2. Cut of sauerkraut.

3. The pork belly is mainly to increase the fragrance of this dish. The small piece is enough. Cut into a small diced or directly beaten into a meat foam.

4. Green and red peppers are generally used in Hangzhou. If not, you can use millet pepper instead. The color and taste are similar. Cut it into a circle according to the person’s taste.

5. Prepare to order garlic seedlings and onion ginger and garlic.

6. Do not pour oil first, pour the bamboo shoots in and stir -fry the water, so that the taste will be more fragrant and crispy.

7. After the prosperity comes out, stir -fry the cut off -oil -free sauerkraut. You can remove the bitter taste of the sauerkraut.

8. Then add a little oil to the pan, first pour the pork belly in and fry. After frying the oil, the garlic is fragrant.

9. Then add bamboo shoots, stir -fry evenly, add a spoonful of salt, and season with a spoonful of raw soy sauce, and then pour the sauerkraut in the heat and continue stir -fry.

10. After frying the fragrance of the sauerkraut, add green peppers, and fry again. After the break is broken, add a handful of garlic seedlings and stir well.

The delicious spring bamboo shoots are ready for sauerkraut. The taste is delicious and delicious, hot and sour meals. This is a super invincible meal.

Deliven to share the most delicious dishes and snacks for you with the simplest ingredients. I am Ronger. I share a food for you every day, learn to eat like this, and make your stomach healthier!Welcome to like, follow, forward and collect, thank you for your support!We see you next time.

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