Eating pineapple will aggravate intra -body moisture?Can it cause allergies?3 small pineapple problems, you must watch before eating!

It’s the season to eat pineapple ~

Eat sweet pineapple, will you have such a question:

I heard that eating pineapple will aggravate internal moisture?

Pineapple easily causes allergies?… Is it true or false?Let’s talk about today!

Will eating pineapple aggravate the body’s moisture?

Pineapple, as a representative tropical fruit, has always been loved by everyone.Is it "hot and humid" because it is produced in tropics?Nothing.In this point, the "Compendium of Materia Medica" is recorded -pineapple, sweetness, flat, replenishment of temper, solid qi, controlling high yang, and supporting decaying soil.As for the "damp heat" that people often say, it is actually a kind of induction of traditional Chinese medicine to human disease evil. It is a pathogenic factor.Therefore, it is not appropriate to say that pineapple itself is "hot and humid".

What is going on with "hot and humid"?

It is likely to eat pineapple too much!Pineapple contains a lot of moisture and sweet taste.Too much eating and not being excreted in time, it is easy to cause damp heat stagnation, and then the symptoms of dampness and heat such as eczema occur.Furthermore, "Wet and lust for a long time, easy to turn heat."If the dampness is too long, it will make it difficult for the accumulation of heat in the body to emit, resulting in "wet" and "heat" mixed together.After this chain reacted, someone threw the "hot and humid" pot to pineapple.In other words, the symptoms of dampness and heat are mainly because they have eaten pineapple, but they have eaten too much.Therefore, if you don’t want to aggravate the moisture in the body, it is best to eat one or half a piece every day.

Eating pineapple can cause allergies?

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, a small amount of pineapple has the effects of clearing, relieving heat, and diuretic.But the "pineapple protease" contained in pineapple may cause trouble -allergic reactions.

Allergic reactions, also known as surpassed or perverted reactions, are the pathological immune response of tissue injury and functional disorders caused by the allergic body when the allergic body is in contact with the same allergies (such as pineapple protease) again.

In layman’s terms, when people with allergies are first exposed to "pineapple protease", it is used as a kind of transformer. It enters the human body through various channels and stimulates the body to produce corresponding antibodies. This specific antibody will quickly combine quicklyThe surface of hypertrophy in human tissue and eosinophilic cells in the blood makes the body in a sensitivity state.

When the allergenic body is touched with "pineapple protease" again, the "pineapple protease" will immediately combine with antibodies attached to the above cell surface, causing a series of allergic reactions.

It is mostly a "quick -hairstyle" abnormal reaction. The response is rapid and strong. It often has a series of clinical manifestations in a series of clinical manifestations a few minutes and ten minutes.

In daily life, in addition to the above -mentioned pineapple protease, there are foods such as fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, milk and other drugs (such as penicillin), serum products, pollen, animal fur, etc.Skin or systemic allergy reaction.The "pineapple protease" contained in pineapple is a substance that causes allergic reactions. Salt water or boiling water can destroy pineapple protease and remove this allergic substance.Therefore, when you eat fresh pineapple, remember to soak or cook with salt water to avoid allergies.For people with allergies, it is best to avoid pineapple.

Is pineapple and pineapple, the same fruit?

I feel that pineapple and pineapple are people with the same fruit. I am afraid that they are not "blind" ~ In fact, the appearance and taste of the two are obviously different:

Leaf: The edges of the leaves of pineapple are tooth -shaped; and the edge of the pineapple leaves looks smooth.

Blossom: The flesh of pineapple is full of "black eyes". In addition to peeling before eating, you must also dig out the "black dots" one by one. The pineapple is not so troublesome.have eaten.

Taste: mature pineapple, golden golden color, has a strong fragrance; even if the pineapple is mature, the appearance will still bring a little green, and it is not as fragrant as pineapple.

However, pineapple and pineapple are so similar because they are not special fate, but because they are the same thing at first.Pineapple belongs to the pineapple family, not the "indigenous" in China, and was introduced to China from Brazil in the 16th century.

It is said that when the mainlanders saw it at the beginning, they felt like jackfruit, and they called it pineapple; the Taiwanese people felt that the green leaves of its fruit looked a bit like a phoenix, they named it pineapple.Today, the difference between pineapple and pineapple in flesh and taste is the result of hard -working and improved Taiwanese farmers.

The above drawings are derived from the one.

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