Edge behavior, can you get pregnant?

Hello everyone, I am Sun Yan, everyone calls me Jojo.I am a master’s degree in medicine, the attending doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, and a female health blogger.

Not long ago, I was diagnosed with a little girl who had just went to college. I fainted after vomiting during the class.

The little girl had a history of stopping menstruation, accompanied by a small abdomen, and disgusting and vomiting in the morning, and gradually aggravated.

She insisted that she had never had a sexual life, and because the "menstruation" that was postponed for more than half a month happened a little bit, she refused to check HCG.But I still recommend that she do urine tests and B -ultrasound, suspecting that she was vomiting in pregnancy.

The result of the final B -ultrasound is: early pregnancy in the palace, seeing the heart tube beating.Unsurprisingly, the little girl is really pregnant, it has been about 7 weeks.The vaginal bleeding today is not menstrual, but red after pregnancy.

Later, I learned that the little girl and her boyfriend had a marginal behavior.In her understanding, this is not a sexual life, and her boyfriend also told her that she would definitely not get pregnant.

However, even if the hymen is not broken, there is still a risk of pregnancy (the focus of knocking the blackboard).

This situation is not rare in obstetrics and gynecology.Many young boys and girls who have just entered the society have little knowledge of sexual knowledge, insufficient self -protection, and misleading by unreliable contraception methods.

So today, you may wish to count it with Jojo. Those are circulating in the workshop, but it is not reliable at all.

1. Safe Two contraceptive method is a rumor

For example, considering contraceptives, women’s menstrual cycle can be divided into menstrual period, ovulation period and safety period.Safe contraception is a contraceptive method to stop sex during ovulation.

This is a widely circulated rumor.However, ovulation will be early or postponed due to various factors such as emotion, hormones, and stimuli.Safe contraception is not safe at all, and the success rate is only 76%.

2. The success rate of in vitro essence contraceptive method is low

Extract in vitro, although the naked eye did not see the sperm entering the vagina, but did not see that it did not mean that there was no.Even if it is in vitro, sperm may enter the vagina along the vulva secretion, leading to pregnancy.

In addition, before male ejaculation, a small amount of semen and prostate fluid may flow out of the urethra.Even if there are only 1 drop, it will include 5 to 60,000 sperm, which is enough to cause women to get pregnant.

The success rate of ejaculation in vitro is only 78%, and sisters should not try with a chance.

3. It is dangerous to use a condom in the whole process

Many men like to wear sleeves halfway, which is tantamount to in vitro.

The body fluid exchange starts at the moment of contact. Use condoms or pick up prematurely, as long as sperm overflows, and can cause pregnancy as long as there are sperm overflow.

Therefore, it is safer to use condoms throughout the process.

4. It is not reliable to rinse the vagina after sexual life

I have a patient who failed twice.After questioning, she knew that she was washed the vagina after sex with sex.Thinking of rinse the vagina after sex can prevent sperm and eggs from meeting.

This is simply the strength of contempt for human sperm.

During ovulation, sperm enters the fallopian tube from the vagina as soon as it takes a few minutes.When you get up and take a bath and rinse the vagina, maybe a lot of sperm has entered the uterus. In this way, contraception is simply black humor.

5. Cola killing is too ridiculous

This is a big rumor!

The allusion comes from the sexual liberation period of the 1960s. After the American and female cars are shocked, the woman will insert the bottle of cola @Ӵ%& internal rushing semen to achieve contraception (this picture is too beautiful, Jojo, and I dare not think about it).

Later, the obstetrician of the Harvard Medical College of Harvard Medical College, mixed alcohol, coffee, cola, milk, etc. in the laboratory, and then concluded that alcohol killing essence, coffee killing essence, cola killing essenceEssenceThe research won the 2008 Funny Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and gradually spread it into "Cola Killing Essence".

But after sex, the idea of rinse the vagina with Coca -Cola is really whimsical.

6. Breastfeeding contraceptives are risky

Many mothers believe that when the baby is born, during the breastfeeding period, there is no menstruation, and there will be no pregnancy in the same room. There is no need to take contraceptive measures.This is another trap!

During breastfeeding, even if there is no menstruation, ovulation may be ovulated.Ovulation and menstruation are not consistent, and ovulation may mean pregnancy.So love and love are risky, and contraception needs to be cautious.

After counting several common errors, do you remember?Avoid stepping on thunder and scientific contraception to enjoy a healthy life.

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