Eighth of the French Miscellaneous Nutrition Notes: Eat Coix Seed Rice in the summer, nutrition to Lu Yi body

Coix seed rice is a must -eat variety of grains that are constantly in my family.Especially in the summer, the number of eating coix seed rice continues to increase.Over the years, whether it is porridge or cooking, it always seems to be more or less to add some barley rice, which seems to be a habit.It is mainly used by coix seed rice, red beans and rice plus a little rock sugar. It is also a delicious porridge that I often drink in my family in the summer. It is said that this porridge is still a good product for dampness and health care.

According to reports about barley rice, the nutritional value of barley rice is extremely rich.It is the most healthy and health -care effect in grain miscellaneous grains. The various vitamins and minerals contained in Coix Seed rice have a strong role in promoting metabolism and reducing gastrointestinal burden.In terms of, it is a good choice to eat some barley rice porridge. In addition, the vitamin E contained in barley rice is a kind of beauty. It often eats some barley rice., Plastox, improve skin tone, make the skin that was already beautiful, and more whitening

What’s more worth mentioning is that the elements such as beneficial water, dampness, and beauty contained in barley rice are more prominent than other foods containing these elements, but the method of eating is relatively simple.It is also the most popular general way of eating. Although there are many porridge products, they are mainly raw materials for barley rice.Tea is a good choice of eating. If you want to better absorb the nutritional ingredients, process barley rice and red beans into barley rice and red bean flour.

The method of processing coix seed rice and red bean flour is to wash the high -quality coix seed rice and red beans I bought, stir -fry with slow heat, do not fry the heat, stir -fry until it becomes yellow. After cooling, use the wall to break the wallJust make powder. Put the processed coix seed rice and red bean powder in a container, put it in a cool and ventilated place. It is really good to drink a cup of barley rice red bean paste every day and evening.

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