Embarrassing itching

The more panic, the more you want to be, the more itchy, the more itchy …

How many women’s nipples have not been itchy?

How to solve it when nipple itching?

Many female friends have suffered itching on the nipples, but due to the privacy of the parts, it is not convenient to scratch and make women very painful.Today, I summarized some cases of nipple itching. Let’s take a look together!

1. Dry skin

The sebaceous gland hypertrophy of adult women’s areola is scattered in small colors, which is called "Montessori Nodule", which usually secretes a part of the skin around the areola.Due to excessive cleaning of some female friends, this kind of protection barrier has destroyed this own protection barrier, which leads to the dry skin of the delicate areola and cause itching.In this case, as long as you refuse to over -clean the areola skin, it will naturally return to normal.

Some women are prone to itching of nipples and areolas in the autumn and winter seasons, especially in northern my country. The climate is dry in autumn and winter, causing itching of the skin.It is recommended to apply moisturizing milk or moisturizing the skin after bathing.

Some women have incomplete nutrition, lack of vitamins, etc., which cause itching of the skin or nipples.Suggestion: Supplement vitamins and ensure comprehensive nutrition, which can be relieved.

2. Sanitation situation

Some women do not take a bath for a long time or do not clean the bra for a long time, which can cause itching of nipple areola, improve the frequency of bathing habits and the frequency of cleaning the bra, or disinfect the bra (can be disinfected or disinfected by high temperatures).Essence

3, underwear

Most adult women in my country will wear bra, and the bras of bras are also diverse. Some women are allergic to underwear materials or allergies to cleaning underwear.This situation can be relieved as long as the underwear is replaced or the underwear washing agent.

In the process of wearing underwear, some women did not develop the habit of taking off their bras to sleep. The nipples and areola skin were delicate and imprisoned by bras for a long time.This requires female friends to change their sleep habits and take off their bra to sleep.

4. Nipple eczema

Nipple eczema can also cause itching of the nipples. The acute itching stage is severe, accompanied by small pimples or small blisters with local skin, and the skin is red.Due to scratching, the skin has a point -shaped exudation and small erosion surface. As the disease progresses, the scope of the lesion gradually spreads to the surroundings.In this case, women generally go to the hospital for treatment. After dermatology professional treatment, some women can be cured, and some women are prone to repeatedly, and they will gradually transform into chronic eczema, leading to local skin thickening, pigmentation, rough surfaces, and even evenDue to scabs, there are different degrees of moss -like changes in individuals. The self -itching is serious, and it even affects sleep.In this case, we must comply with the suggestions of dermatologists, improve nutrition, improve immunity, change eating habits, and obey the suggestions of professional doctors for related examinations, and follow the doctor’s advice.

5. Special types of breast cancer

There is a special type of breast cancer manifesting in the repeated dedue, seepage, erosion, scabs, stinging, etc. of the nipple and areola areas. On the surface, it is very similar to the skin eczema of the nipple and areola, so it is also called breast eczema.cancer.However, the nipple areola of this breast cancer will gradually be destroyed and cannot be cured. After a long time, the nipples will completely disappear, and there is no significant effect according to the treatment of eczema.In this case, female friends must seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Please ask a professional doctor to diagnose and treat it.

The cause of itching of the nipple is as mentioned above, but it can be large or small. It is recommended that female friends pay close attention to breast health, so that they can check their breasts once a month, and easily face nipples and itching.

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