Emperor Jiajing was originally satisfied with the queen Chen Lian, why did she kick her in the pregnancy?

The queen was Chen Lian, the first queen of Emperor Jiajing.

In October of the seventh year of Jiajing, Queen Chen, 21, died in Kunling Palace.Zhu Houyi was funeral and gave his nickname "Mourning Spirit."There have been several claims about Chen Lian’s death.

(Stills of Queen Chen)

The first statement is that Queen Chen died of illness.

This basis comes from Yang Yiqing, the first assistant of the cabinet of Emperor Jiajing. He played Zhu Houzhen in Jiajing in the seventh year.

Yang Yiqing was a veteran of the Four Dynasties during the Ming Dynasty.From Yang Yiqing’s words, we can clearly obtain a message, that is, Queen Chen died of illness.However, it is also possible that Yang Yiqing was taboo when he played, so he said that.

The second tax law is that Queen Chen died in depression.

After being stood by Emperor Jiajing as the queen, Queen Chen had been loving with him, and Qin Se, and lived a sweet life for several years.But later, Queen Chen gradually fell out of favor, but just faced the title of a queen. There was no petting of the queen and the real power of the queen.Therefore, Queen Chen was very depressed until the depression died.

The third statement was that Queen Chen was kicked to death by Emperor Jiajing.

In March of the seventh year of Jiajing, when the spring flowers bloomed, and when the peach lounge was green, Zhu Houzhen was in a good mood, and he gathered in the garden to enjoy the spring with Queen Chen.At this time, Queen Chen was pregnant with the six, and it was about to come. This is really good news for Emperor Jiajing.Therefore, he seemed particularly happy, and he was so energetic that he talked with Queen Chen.

After visiting the Garden Garden slowly, Emperor Jiajing and Queen Chen came to the gazebo.Zhang Fei, who was driving, hurriedly ordered the eunuch to put tea, and she personally brought Zhu Houzhen.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Houzheng was attracted by Zhang Fei’s slim jade hand, and he couldn’t help but carefully stroke, "Sejong looked down on his hand."Queen Chen’s side suddenly burst into a lot, and fell into the tea bowl in front of Zhu Houzhen.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Houyi was furious on the spot, and he came with a round belly to Queen Chen.

However, no matter what the Queen Chen died, her death was directly related to this incident.It was precisely because of the Spring of the Royal Garden that was frightened and led to abortion, and was later disliked by Zhu Houyu. He died at a young age. This is an indisputable fact.

(Stills of Zhu Houyi)

In fact, in the first year of Jiajing, when Chen Lian was registered as the queen, he was favored by Zhu Houzhen.His family was also deeply affected by the emperor.Chen Lian’s father, Chen Wanyan, was originally just a talented talent.Shortly after becoming the state of the country, he "granted Hong Yeqing and changed the capital to the same knowledge."Chen Lian’s brother Chen Shaozu also officially reached Shangbao Si, and it can be described as "one person gets a chicken and dogs."Even after Chen Wanyan’s slave was killed, Zhu Houzhen also saw Queen Chen’s face and ordered the innocent release.

It can be seen that at least when Chen Lian first set aside, Zhu Houyi was very satisfied with her.

So, in the face of the queen who was pregnant, why did Zhu Houzhang make this fiercely, causing a dead body?

First, Queen Chen involves the "great courtesy".

Everyone knows that Zhu Houzheng is Wu Zong’s cousin. Because Wu Zong has no children, after his death, the court ministers pushed Zhu Houzhen to the throne according to the "brother and brother".

After the succession, Zhu Houzhen wanted to pursue the respect of his biological parents and broke out with the ministers.During the period, under the leadership of Yang Tinghe, the ministers, kneeling outside Zuo Shunmen, inheritance Zhu Houzheng obeyed the ancestral system.However, the tough Zhu Houyi was unmoved, and all the participating ministers were all roded.For this reason, there are several died ministers, and there are more than a dozen people who have been exiled and filled.

After hearing the incident, Queen Chen, who was kind, persuaded Zhu Hou to treat the courts and courtors. He did not have to humiliate them in a way in this way, let alone kill the ministers, so as not to damage the name of the emperor’s love.

Not only did she not listen to the advice, but she accused Queen Chen in charge and began to leave her. She couldn’t go there for a few months.

So, since Queen Chen has fallen out of favor, how can he get pregnant?

Zhu Houzheng is a devout Taoist believers and trusts Taoist priest Shao Yuanjie.Queen Chen tried to find ways to buy Shao Yuanjie, hoping that he would enter more beautiful words in front of Zhu Houzhang and improve her relationship with Zhu Houyi.

When this trick was effective, when Zhu Houzhen asked Shao Yuanjie, why he had no children, Shao Yuanjie said, "Tianyang Yin, the emperor and the queen are like heaven and earth, the heavens and the earth are combined, and the princes are born."Soon after, Queen Chen was pregnant.

(Ren Yin Palace Change)

Second, Zhu Houzheng’s temperament is irritable and cold.

"History of the Ming Dynasty" contains: "Emperor is severe." It means that Zhu Houzhen is moody and distorted.This is because Zhu Houzheng succeeded by the Foreign Fan. He lacked systematic training and cultivation from the quality of the emperor since he was a child. At the same time, his father died early, and his mother’s doting caused some personality defects in his growth.

From the encounter of Zhu Houzhen’s later queen, it can also be seen that Zhu Houyi completely ignored the majesty of the queen.

Three months after Queen Chen’s death, Zhu Houzheng registered Zhang Fei as a post.At a banquet, Queen Zhang was happy when Zhu Houyi was happy, and asked for his brother Zhang (Queen of Ming Xiaozong) in his ear.However, Zhu Houzhen suddenly was furious. Not only did she abolish her back on the spot, but she also shook her in front of the ministers and ordered her to enter the cold palace.Three years later, Queen Zhang died miserable.

After Queen Zhang, Zhu Houyi registered Queen Fang.But in Jiajing for 26 years, Queen Fang’s palace suddenly got angry, but Zhu Houzhang, the cold -blooded, ordered "this is God’s will, she should go."In this way, Queen Fang was burned to the palace alive.

Of course, it was because of the cold blood of Zhu Houzhen that the "Ren Yin Palace" occurred.The palace girls who couldn’t bear it, they all united to kill her.Before the rehearsal of these maids before, coupled with timidity and techniques, the rope set was knotted into a knot, and Zhu Houzheng escaped by chance.

From this, we believe that Zhu Houyi at that time was likely to kick Chen Lian’s fatal kick.

(Reference materials: "History of Ming Dynasty")

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