Employees get pregnant the next day?Don’t blame the company’s discrimination, respect is mutual

Some time ago, my friend complained to me: Now that girls are not good to find a job now.At that time, I asked curiously: How did you get this conclusion?Then my friend said: Do you remember what we came to school when we graduated from college to recruit?

At that time, a graduate student asked the company: When your company recruits job seekers, is it more inclined to recruit male students or recruit female students?Is there a difference between the treatment of male and female students?Is there a greater probability that these girls come to you for interviews?

The interviewer Gu Zuo and he said that he hadn’t mentioned the idea for a long time. Although he didn’t talk about the idea, he said more or less questions.That is, girls may be somewhat difficult to find a job, especially in some specific ports, including but not limited to these ports such as scientific research.Why is this?Let’s talk about this opportunity today. Let’s talk about it: Is it really because girls are not easy to find a job?So what are the reasons hidden behind the girl’s difficulty in finding a job?

We have to admit that there is a difference between men and women.If men and women do not distinguish, it is estimated to look at the ophthalmology doctor.Well, let’s talk about trouble, let’s take a look at this problem.To be precise: men have stronger endurance and stronger physical strength. They can do some heavy work in the company.

Women are relatively more emotional, and can consider problems for different people from different perspectives. The difficulty of management is relatively small.And compared to men, women are not as big as we imagine. The company’s boss does not have to worry about it all day. Don’t support one person and take himself away the next day.The support of several female employees is not big, and the support of several male employees will be overhead.

This is mainly derived from women’s natural worship of power and men’s natural pursuits of power. Of course, if we dug it further, it will involve philosophy.In addition, there is actually a point. Although some companies do not talk about this point, or some companies do not talk much, we still cannot ignore it.

Relatively speaking, male employees are one link less than female employees, and this link is to have children.Of course, love between people and crystallization after love, this is a physiological reaction in itself.But relatively speaking, men will not have the process of giving birth to children. Women are not the same. Girls need to have children, and during the period of having children, they are still protected.Reduce people’s wages without any reason.

If you dare to reduce the salary of others or expel people casually, they will have to pay the company as soon as they sue the company, and the development of the company will be affected.Someone also said that women having children themselves is a matter of nature. If the company owner drives female employees outside because of such a thing, is it not reliable?Woolen cloth?Is it a bit fair?

In fact, some companies are not like this. They give women a chance to find a job and treat men and women fairly.But there will be a little problem, although this problem does not have universal significance.However, for any company, especially small enterprises, it is easy to be disgusting. In the following period of time, when they recruit employees, although there will be no various thresholds on the surface, there are more restrictions on the background.

We say that some women, but this part of this woman may not be accurate. We might as well compress this part infinitely, that is, extreme or very small women.They will inevitably go through the interview before entering the enterprise. During the interview, they will reveal their future plans to the interviewer, including but not limited to their plans to not get pregnant in the next 2 to 3 years.During the year, I hope to work in this company to work well.

After the interviewer and the female employee confirmed and invited her to work in this company, but the woman was pregnant on the next day, and told the company’s boss on the third day that she could not get rid of it.After a few months, I went home and rest.There are not many people in this part. In fact, there are not too many people in this part, because we cannot judge human nature with the worst expectations, and we cannot judge the truth with the best expectations.

But in short, we still believe that most people are good, but most people are good, and it does not mean that there are no bad guys.So, did they do something wrong?Maybe not.Are they right?It doesn’t seem to be.In short, they played a side ball. This rubbing ball just wiped the edge of the ball. There were no mistakes on the surface, but for the company, they made a big taboo.There are many subsidies.

And without the premise of bringing any profits to the company, the company needs to raise you. What is more terrible is that after the company raises you and gives you a child, you just pat your ass, turn your head away, leave the company, leave the companyA big loss.If this is a large company, people may not care too much. At most, they feel a little obscure. The quality of this person is not good.

But for some small companies, their monthly turnover funds may be 50,000 or 100,000 yuan, so it will be the life of this company.For a while, the company had a shortage of funds, and some employees in the short -term were centrifugal, and even some employees began to vomit the company’s boss.It is not alarmist to destroy a small company.

In fact, it is better to recruit female employees or recruit male employees. In most cases, the ruler in the heart of the interviewer is measured. They rarely care about some employees who exclude them or some employees.It is men who exclude them. If you really care about it, you can only explain two situations:

The first case is that this company is really not suitable for some gender people to work.For a simple example, work is to carry sandbags. Every time you need to carry 200 pounds, a thin and weak girl must not enter this company.What except that?

The second situation is that this company has lost money.The company itself was not operating well. At the same time, a woman came to this company. Through the routine we mentioned above, the company played it. After receiving the salary, the child was born.Just pat the butt and leave.In this case, don’t blame the company to be careful or the company has defended some gender people.

In short, we can summarize in one sentence: the company gives us trust, we need to give the company enough trust in equal, and respect will always be mutual.However, the key to the problem is that some women do not respect, and then drill an empty. On the surface, they make some money, and they have not suffered any losses.It’s just that the company and the female staff who want to enter the company in the future.

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