Encounter rhinitis during pregnancy?Don’t panic, you can easily alleviate these 4 points

Since I heard that the fetus is unstable in the early stages of pregnancy, it will be easy to have a miscarriage if you don’t pay attention. Sisi’s heart has never been put down.I didn’t expect rhinitis to entangle her again, making Sisi feel very crying.In fact, rhinitis during pregnancy is also a common phenomenon, mainly due to the rise in hormone levels in pregnant mothers after pregnancy, but pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much.It will be relieved by itself.So how should rhinitis care during pregnancy?

Pay attention to nasal hygiene

When rhinitis is encountered during pregnancy, the first thing to do with pregnant mothers is to pay attention to the hygiene of their nasal cavity.For example, when the outdoor air is not good, when the haze is relatively large or the weather is relatively cold, you must minimize your out. If you must go out, you can wear a mask and do a good job of protection.In addition, pregnant mothers should not put their hands into the inside of the nostrils to avoid damage to the nasal mucosa. When you have time, you can rub or massage your nose more to strengthen blood circulation.

Pay attention to environmental sanitation

With the development of the industry, the air quality is getting worse and worse. If the house is renovated in the house, the new furniture is changed, someone smokes or has pets, etc., it will also exacerbate the air quality worse.Never.Therefore, in order to avoid such an environment for their own and baby’s health, pregnant mothers should try to be in the environment of clean hygiene and air circulation.If the climate is relatively dry, the pregnant mother can also use the humidifier to increase the humidity of the air, and then often change the pillow and bedding to avoid the breeding of dust and mold.

Improve immunity

Of course, the most fundamental method is to improve the physical immunity of the pregnant mother. Only when the pregnant mother is in good health, can the germs not take advantage of it.Therefore, pregnant mothers usually pay more attention to diet and exercise, try to eat more light nutrients as possible, avoid heavy taste, and then do some exercise appropriately. Do not keep the nest at home, so that the body of the pregnant mother can gradually improve.In addition, because of the special physical condition, it is best not to go to the crowd’s dense places to avoid any accidents.

Rhinitis and cold correctly

Some pregnant mothers easily confuse rhinitis with a cold, mistakenly use rhinitis as a cold, and eat cold medicine by themselves. This is very inappropriate.Generally speaking, a cold can improve in about a week, and at the same time has symptoms such as fever, systemic weakness.Allergic rhinitis is usually recurrent, that is, each episode will return to normal after a period of time, itching, nasal congestion, sneezing, and runny nose are its typical symptoms.

During pregnancy, it is difficult to get worse when encountering rhinitis, but pregnant mothers should not be afraid, as long as active treatment is usually fine.

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