Encountered abnormal vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain?How is this going?

Harmonious sex life is the adhesive of love between husband and wife, and plays a very important role in family relations.

The "two lines" on the pregnancy test stick are the first proof of many new lives reported. At the same time, the pregnant mother’s body will also have many physiological changes due to hormone changes, but ectopic pregnancy may also be similar to "symptoms in the early pregnancy".Therefore, it is relatively difficult to detect.

When the embryo is in bed and the place where development is not in the normal uterine cavity. In addition to the incorrect position of the bed, the embryo cannot grow healthily, it may even rupture bleeding during the development process, causing harm to the mother!Discovery and early treatment.

1. Women’s abdominal pain discontinued menstruation alert to ectopic pregnancy

The harm of ectopic pregnancy is great. 70%of ectopic pregnancy can be found in the early days of rupture. If women’s menopause (and positive urine tests), hidden abdominal pain, a small amount of vaginal bleeding, and even anemia symptoms, they must be highly alert to ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy is caused by the failure to reach the uterus due to fertilized eggs, and it is caused by the falling part of the uterus.Female friends do not mistakenly think that it is gastroenteritis and delay examination.

Second, the four major symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is the so -called rhinoplasty. It mainly has four major symptoms and requires female friends to keep in mind.

One -Disclosure

Most patients with ectopic pregnancy have symptoms such as abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding after 6 to 8 weeks of menopause.About 20 % of the patients said that they did not have a history of menopause before they were sick.

—— Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is the main symptom of patients when diagnosis.The reasons why patients with ectopic pregnancy are caused by various factors such as fallopian tubes, rupture, and blood stimulation peritoneal.During the rupture, the patient’s sudden pain was torn as painful, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Three -vaginal bleeding

In patients with ectopic pregnancy, after the death of the embryo, there are often irregular vaginal hemorrhage. The color is dark brown and the amount is small. Generally, it does not exceed the menstrual flow, but it is unclean.


Due to acute bleeding in the abdominal cavity, patients can cause reduced blood capacity and severe abdominal pain. Those who are mild often have syncope, and severe cases have shock.

Third, understand high -risk people

Ectopic pregnancy cannot be prevented. It can only improve early discovery and early treatment.In addition to the ovarian and fallopian tube surgery, sexual infectious diseases and pelvic inflammatory diseases, other other sexual partners, sexual behaviors less than 18, and smoking, etc., the above factors may increase the probability of ectopic pregnancy.

It is recommended to maintain normal life and rest and balanced diet to improve your immunity.If there is no plan to get pregnant, use condoms when sexual behavior can avoid sexually transmitted diseases, or pelvic cavity and vaginal inflammation, reducing the probability of incidence of ectopic pregnancy.If the menstruation of the childcare age is abnormal and the abdomen is uncomfortable, remember to go to the hospital for a medical treatment in time.

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