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Migraphy is a common neurological disease.Characteristic is usually accompanied by a series of symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light or sound.

According to the Statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 1.3 billion migraine patients in the world, of which the number of female patients is three times that of men.

Many people think that migraine is a unilateral headache, but in fact, many patients have pain on both sides.Different types of migraine have different clinical symptoms.

Ordinary migraine headache manifests:

On one or both sides, there are also the entire head. The headache is slightly mild, and generally within the patient’s tolerance.

After taking painkillers after a short break, the symptoms can be significantly relieved.

Typical migraine shows:

On one side of the headache, most of them are mainly head, temporal, and two tasts on both sides.It can be limited to a certain part, or it can be extended throughout the half side, with an attack time of 4 ~ 72 hours.

Active migraine can have symptoms such as burnout, inconsistency, and yawning of yawn before the attack.

Before headaches or when headaches occur, vision often occurs blur, dark spots, flash or visual deformation.

In addition to unbearable headaches, patients with migraine may also be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, tears, visual blurring, and dizziness.Typical migraine has a long course of headache, less than a few years, and for decades.

The impact and induction of migraine headache

The cause of migraine is not very clear.

Most patients have family history, which are related to genetic factors, various physical and chemical factors, mental factors, endocrine and metabolic factors.Psychological tension, overwork, poor sleep, climate change, strong light stimulation, noise, drinking, and application of vascular dilatation drugs can induce migraine attacks.

There are many hypothesis of migraine headache.

The mainstream theory believes that the occurrence of migraine is caused by the functional defects of the trigeminal nervous vascular system and the central nervous system endogenous pain regulation system (related to genetic), plus excessive internal and external stimuli.

Classification of migraine

Migraine western medicine treatment

1. Therapeutic drugs

1) Non -specific therapeutic drugs

Non -specific treatment drugs that are most commonly used for migraine are non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs.

These drugs include acetaminol, ibuprofen, sodium sodium chloride, and semaphrophopra. The commonly used composite preparations are: acetaminophenol/caffeine (phenol tablets), ibuprofen/caffeine, bisircles,/chloride/chloride//chloride/chloride/chloride/chloride/chloride/chloride/chloride/Caffeine, etc., caffeine has reduced blood vessels to reduce its fighting range and strengthen the analgesic effect of analgesic drugs.

Such drugs are mainly used for moderate migraine.

Non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs should be avoided for long -term or over -dose, because it may cause liver injury or gastrointestinal reaction.

2) Specific therapeutic drugs

If non -specific therapeutic drug treatment is ineffective, consider using specific therapeutic drugs.

Specific therapeutic drugs are mainly vanan drugs.

At present, domestic favorable Zaustan, Schumatus, and Zamicetan. Such drugs can play an analgesic effect by shrinking cerebrovascular blood vessels and inhibiting neurological pain.It is valid at any time in the headache, and the first application is valid. After recurrence, it is still valid. If the first application is invalid, it may be effective in changing the dosage.

Due to the increase in vascular spasm and blood pressure, the curvy category can cause ischemic heart disease, ischemic cerebrovascular disease, ischemia peripheral vascular disease, unprecedented hypertension, disabled under the age of 18 and over 65 years old or over 65 years oldEssence

Another specific therapeutic drug is mainly wheat -horn preparations.

Such as macaramine and bisperhydride, although the curative effect is not as effective as vanan, it has the advantages of long half -life and low headache recurrence rate. It is especially suitable for patients with long duration.Adverse reactions.

Clane caffeine can be used for certain mild migraine. Since the use of caffeine can increase the risk of dependence and addiction, it has been listed as a second type of psychiatric drugs.

3) Other treatment drugs

Gastric hydraulic drugs such as metharocoprides and dorazolidone are mainly used to treat headaches with symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, and can also promote the absorption of drugs to exert the effect of rapid pain.

Bei Stein can be used for migraine with dizziness with dizziness.

Aprazoleon has anti -anxiety and sedative effects, for the treatment of migraine caused by migraine.

2. Preventive drugs

For patients with frequent seizures, long durations, or migraine patients who seriously affect life and work, preventive treatment can be considered, which can reduce the frequency of seizures, duration, and degree of headache, etc. to a certain extent.These preventive drugs are briefly introduced as follows:


Non -selective calcium channel antagonists have sufficient evidence of premium treatment of migraine.

Antilateral epilepsy:

For example, Topoli and wadenate, multiple studies support these two drugs are effective in preventing migraine.

Anti -depression drugs:

For example, Wensin and Ami Telin can prevent migraine, especially patients with tight headaches or depression.

β -blocker:

For example, Pukolol and Metolol’s preventive treatment of migraine have clear effects, but pay attention to those who have emotional disorders, because they may increase their gravity.

Antihypertensive drug:

For example, Lenopri and Kandedam, there is a comparison test that it is effective for premium prevention of migraine, but it needs to be further confirmed.

Migraine Chinese Medicine Treatment

Migraine is in the category of "head wind" and "brain wind" in traditional Chinese medicine.

A Mate analysis shows that Du Liang Soft Capsules and Headache Ning Ning Capsules can effectively treat migraine, which is better than the simple treatment of western medicine. It may achieve better results with western medicine.

Other drugs such as Zhengtian Wan, Tongtian oral solution, and gastrodia headache tablets can also be used as symptomatic alternative drugs.

Other treatment

In addition to drug treatment, patients with migraine can also perform non -drug intervention methods, including acupuncture therapy, relaxation therapy, biological feedback therapy, muscle feedback, and cognitive behavior therapy.

special reminder:

1. Migraine headache is not yet cured, and intermittent treatment is needed for a long time to reduce the frequency of attacks.

2. Edible foods rich in magnesium, such as walnuts, peanuts, green leafy vegetables, etc., which have certain benefits to alleviate the symptoms of migraine.

3. Ensure that reasonable sleep time and regular exercise are conducive to reducing headaches.

4. Avoid irregular diet, or eat foods such as cheese, chocolate, smoked fish, wine, etc., and avoid taking certain drugs, such as caffeine.

5. Avoid sound and light stimulation.

6. Pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold wind blowing.

7. The prescription medicine should be used under the guidance of a specialist to avoid purchasing medicine without authorization.

Note: The above content is only for reference, you can not replace the face -to -face diagnosis.

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