Every family Yueyu | After pregnancy, the belly becomes firmer?Pregnant mothers can do this

Since pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have abdominal distension, tight belly, bloating, and feel hard, but this feeling has disappeared after a while. What is going on?Is there any problem with the baby or what happened?

In fact, you do n’t have to worry too much about your family, which may be a normal physiological phenomenon for pregnant mothers.The following family Yueyue tells you the reasons and measures for the tightness of the belly during pregnancy.

1. Caused by the fatigue of pregnant mothers

If the pregnant mother is too tired, there may be signals with tight belly hair, which may be a protest from the baby.Therefore, for the health of herself and the fetus during pregnancy, mothers can do some physical labor in moderation, but it is best not to do it for those things that consume physical.

If the pregnant mother feels boring at home, you can go outdoors to walk outdoors or listen to some soothing music, or go online or buy related books to learn about some small knowledge about parenting, in order to prevent the situation of having hands and feet after the birth of pregnancy or baby.

2. Caused by fetal fetal position changes

In the late pregnancy, the reason why many female friends’ belly had tight and hard, it was likely to be caused by pseudo -contractions.Because there is no regular time when pseudo -contractions appear, and sometimes strong and sometimes weak, the time of tight belly hair is not the same.

The reason why this happens is probably the traction caused by the decline in the lower section of the woman’s uterus, which stimulates the pseudo -contraction of women.With the increase of the pregnancy cycle, the pseudo -contraction phenomenon may decrease until the time period of 36 weeks to 38 weeks of pregnancy.

3. Caused by constipation during pregnancy

After pregnancy, it is positive for most female friends.The body is relatively hot. If you do not pay attention to your diet at this time, it is easy to cause constipation. Long -term constipation will cause metabolites to accumulate in the body, which will make the pregnant mother’s belly tight and hard.

If the pregnant mother finds that she has constipation, the family Yueju suggested that you drink more water in daily life, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and food with rich dietary fiber, which may be helpful for alleviating constipation.

4. Signals before childbirth

In the late pregnancy, the pregnant mother will also have a tight stomach. If you find that he has a regular contraction, and the contraction time is getting more and more regular, the time is becoming shorter, and the abdomen will also be accompanied by companionship.There is a feeling of abdominal pain, which may be the signal part of the baby’s baby. The family Yueyue suggested that you can bring your family to bring the bag and go to the hospital for delivery in time.

Every month

During pregnancy, if the number of tight hair on the belly of the pregnant mother is relatively frequent, the family Yueyue recommends going to the hospital to consult a doctor.

At the same time, pregnant mothers should regularly conduct a regular check -up, which is the greatest guarantee for the health of themselves and the baby’s baby. Regardless of whether there is any discomfort during pregnancy, do not reduce or change the number and time of the birth inspection without authorization.In addition, the prospective dad should accompany the expectant mother, enter the role of the prospective father in advance, and witness the baby’s growth together.

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