Everyone knows that pregnancy should be supplemented by folic acid, but many people do not know these 3 points

Copper acid is one of the most important things during pregnancy and pregnancy.

A large number of studies have shown that if folic acid is lacking during pregnancy, the risk of "neural tube defects" will increase the fetus, such as brain -free and spinal bifling.

Despite being so important during pregnancy, there are still many doubts and misunderstandings.for example:

How long should folic acid be eaten in advance and how much?

I eat more fruits and vegetables, can I supplement folic acid through a balanced diet?

Some composite vitamins are 0.8 mg in the dosage of folic acid in the composite vitamin.


Today I invited Dr. Feng Xue, Zhuo Zheng Medical, to talk to you about those things about pregnancy supplementation.

3 months before pregnancy

Just start eating folic acid

Almost all countries suggest that you start pregnancy, that is, starting from three months before pregnancy to supplement folic acid.

This is because the closure of the fetal nerve tube occurs in 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, and the supplementation of folic acid takes time accumulation. The concentration of plasma folic acid reaches a stable and appropriate state takes 12 to 14 weeks, which determines the time to supplement folic acid.

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Many people find that when they are pregnant, they are already 5 or even later.It is often lagging if you find that you are pregnant.

Therefore, folic acid should be supplemented from before pregnancy to at least 3 months after pregnancy, and can even be added to the end of breastfeeding.

Folic acid is not reliable

Some pregnant mothers think that I usually eat a balanced diet and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Do you do n’t need to add extra folic acid?

In fact, we still recommend using folic acid supplements.Mainly for three aspects of consideration:

Most people’s daily deep green leaf vegetables have insufficient intake. If you want to obtain a sufficient amount of folic acid, at least half a catty of dark green leafy vegetables must be eaten;

Folic acid is easy to lose activity when encountering light and heat. After a long time of cooking, vegetables will have a lot of folic acid loss;

Folic acid biological utilization rate in food is very low, and the biological utilization rate of synthetic folic acid supplements is 1.7 times that of food.

Therefore, it is not recommended to meet the nutritional needs during pregnancy.

0.4 mg folic acid is not the upper limit

You can make up more under special circumstances

Usually we recommend pregnant mothers to take 0.4 mg folic acid supplements every day.

However, many careful pregnant mothers will find that the content of folic acid in composite vitamins is generally 0.8 mg.Does that mean super doses?

Pregnant mothers can relax, and folic acid within 1 mg is safe for a long time.If you do not make up in advance during pregnancy, it is recommended to supplement more than 0.4 mg folic acid.

Even some special groups, such as babies who have been pregnant with nerve tube malformations before, are recommended to take 5 mg per oral folic acid daily.

But how much dose to increase is recommended to consult the doctor in advance.

Except folic acid

There are still many confusion during pregnancy during pregnancy

Regardless of whether you are preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy, expectant mothers will always encounter a lot of confusion.

Which foods are not eaten when you are pregnant?

Which pregnancy examination does not need to be done and which examinations cannot be ignored?

What should I do if they are not suitable during pregnancy and edema during pregnancy?

How to take medicine during pregnancy?


When encountering these doubts, in addition to going directly to the hospital for consultation, expectant mothers generally find answers through the Internet.

However, online information fish dragons are mixed, some professional obscure understanding, some say that they are different and difficult to distinguish between true and false. There is almost no platform that can comprehensively solve the needs of expectant mothers.

So Lilac’s mother invited 16 senior doctors, including me, and Zhuo Zheng Medical. Together, I produced "Full Raiders during Pregnancy". Regarding all common problems during pregnancy, we sorted out.

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For example, many people mistakenly think that they must not take medicine when they are pregnant. For example, the older generation likes to let pregnant women drink bone soup to supplement calcium.

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