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Many people have encountered the problem of oral ulcers. Most people do not know how to treat it. In fact, there are many reasons for oral ulcers. The right medicine can be recovered quickly, avoiding pain.As soon as some people encountered oral ulcers, they ate gunpowder. In the end, their condition did not improve, but they worsened.In fact, regular oral ulcers are not caused by fire.

The common reasons are as follows:

1. Decrease immunity.Low immunity is likely to invade the body with various diseases, and oral ulcers are one of them.2. Great mental stress.It is easy to get angry, nervous, and irritable people with oral ulcers.3. Genetic factors.People with a history of oral ulcers in the family are more likely to suffer from oral ulcers than ordinary people.4. Lack of certain nutrients.The most closely related to oral ulcer is B -e -vitamin (especially vitamin B2).In addition, the lack of vitamin C also increases the chance of oral ulcers.Because zinc deficiency affects the healing of ulcers, sometimes when the oral ulcer is recurred and the effect is not effective after supplementing vitamins, you must think of the possibility of zinc deficiency.5. Everbright diet and get angry.Oral ulcers may be eaten.People who often smoke, drink, and eat spicy and irritating foods are prone to oral ulcers.

1. Virus seizures

Studies have found that the two viruses that can lead to oral ulcers are "human giant cytomegia virus" and "EB virus". After entering the human body, they lurk on the blood and reproduce in cells.Once the human body’s immunity is reduced, the virus is prone to occur, causing oral ulcers.

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To enhance the body’s immunity from all aspects, especially to ensure sufficient sleep and prevent the body from overwork.In fact, according to the clinical observation of doctors, many oral ulcers develop and worsen after excessive fatigue.

2. Cold inducement

Many people are used to carrying a cold.But the cold virus in the body attacks your respiratory system while activating the above two viruses, leading to oral ulcers.

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It is recommended that you drink a few packs of board Lantan, kill the cold virus, and also prevent and treat oral ulcers.In addition, using light saline and tea to rinse your mouth, you can keep your mouth moist during a cold, which is conducive to the treatment of oral ulcers while preventing the cold virus from breeding in the mouth.Of course, when the ulcer is not convenient to brush your teeth, it is also suitable to clean the mouth with mouthwash. You can use some drugs to rinse your mouth under the guidance of a doctor.

3. mental stress

Sachiest tension has caused neurological dysfunction, which is already the most common disease in modern cities.Medical experts point out that neurological disorders are also a major cause of oral ulcers.

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Decompression and relaxation.

4. Insufficient estrogen

There are more women with oral ulcers than men, especially on the eve of menstruation, which is prone to long mouth ulcers, more menopausal women’s long oral ulcers, and less pregnant women’s long mouth ulcers. These phenomena show that the occurrence of oral ulcers is closely related to female estrogen in women’s body.Once the estrogen in the body is reduced, it is easy to have long mouth ulcers.

Copy plan:

Pay attention to maintenance and retain the estrogen in the body.The following points are particularly noteworthy:

1. Do not lose weight too much, at least ensure that the fat in the body reaches 22%of weight.Because in addition to the ovarian, adipose tissue is also a source of estrogen generation, which has the ability to promote the transformation ofrogens in the body into estrogen;

2. Daily diet intake enough protein, so as to maintain the normal secretion of estrogen in the body;

3. Natural foods that can supplement estrogen frequently, such as soybeans, onions, etc.

5. Smoking

If the mouth is accidentally bitten, and at this time you still smoke, it is easy to have long mouth ulcers.Because a variety of harmful substances contained in nicotine will be attached to the damaged oral mucosa, interference and self -repair of mucous membranes, causing ulcers.If you continue to smoke, all kinds of harmful stimuli produced will aggravate the disease.

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In the mouth, there is any damage to smoke with chewing gum, which can stimulate saliva secretion, keep oral wetness, and promote ulcer healing.

6. Allergies

Allergic to a certain food, or even a certain toothpaste may also have long oral ulcers.

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If you are trying some new toothpaste or eating some kind of food that have never been eaten, you have oral ulcers, consider whether it is caused by them, and immediately stop eating and recording.If it happens again, it is necessary to completely disable the forbidden food.In addition, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with warm water, and then apply a small amount of original honey on the ulcer surface. Repeat multiple times, and the ulcer will improve significantly the next day.

7. Great anger

Traditional Chinese medicine does see the cause of "great fire" as a long oral ulcer, but "fire" is also divided into virtual reality. After choosing the wrong Chinese medicine, I only know that Niuhuang detoxification pills are not rescued.

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It is different from "real fire" or "virtual fire".

Solid fire

Symptoms: The surface of the ulcer is yellow, red, swollen and painful, and is accompanied by symptoms of bitterness and breath, upset heat, urine yellow, and constipation.

Recommended drugs: Niuhuang detoxification tablets, three yellow tablets, etc.

Virtual fire

Symptoms: The surface of the ulcer is white, faintly painful, and is accompanied by upset, red cheeks, dry mouth is not thirsty, fatigue and weakness.

Recommended drugs: Zhibai Dihuang Wan, Liuwei Dihuang Wan, etc.

8. Resting throat tablets as sugar

It is dry in autumn, sore throat and itching, and many people eat moisturizing slices to treat.However, if the oral cavity is not inflamed, it may cause oral ulcers as sugar as sugar.Because moisturizing slices contain more mint components, it has the effects of shrinking oral mucosa blood vessels, reducing inflammatory edema and pain. If it is often taken during oral inflammation, the mucous membrane will be damaged due to the blood vessels shrink, and ulcers will occur.

Copy plan:

Don’t eat the throat tablets as sugar, don’t always include a position even if you eat it.

9. Vitamin deficiency

The reason why "eating more fruits and vegetables" has become a golden jade law that treats oral ulcers is because vitamin deficiency is likely to cause oral ulcers, and vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins.However, the lack of vitamin A and B in the body causes oral ulcers. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on supplementing, rather than eating any fruits and vegetables.

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Eat more yellow and dark green fruits and vegetables, as well as foods such as milk and eggs to supplement vitamin A.Because the B vitamins have a synergistic role, taking all the B vitamins at a time, it is better to have better intake effects, so it is recommended to take composite videos B.For more health knowledge, please follow the author WeChat: JCRSOO.

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