Expectant mother: I am uncomfortable to lie down with back pain and back pain, how to relieve and prevent

Do you remember the backache and back pain leg cramps that have been circulated on TV advertisements every day. The stalks often seen in advertisements when they were young, and now it is often happening in pregnant women.

The only difference is that the elderly in the advertisement are not very laborious to take calcium tablets on the sixth floor, but the expectant mothers are not so lucky. Back pain and painful leg cramps are almost a small pain that every pregnant woman will face. It is usually quasiMom is getting worse and worse in the second half of pregnancy.

My wife is currently pregnant for 24 weeks. At present, she is the most obvious back pain. When she sleeps at night, she is not very comfortable and affects the quality of sleep.

According to statistics, about 50%to 70%of pregnant women have symptoms of back pain.

However, there is also good news of comforting people, that is, the big baby in the stomach is thriving.It is precisely because the baby’s pressure and burden on the back of the mother’s waist will increase.

Today, my grandmother focuses on sharing the science popularization knowledge of back pain for pregnant women, helping you expectant mothers to better understand the causes of back pain and relieve methods:

Q1: What causes back pain from expectant mothers

Back pain during pregnancy usually occurs at the intersection of the pelvis and the spine, that is, the sacroiliac joint. There are many reasons for this, such as:

Increased weight: During healthy pregnancy, the weight of mothers usually increase by about 25 to 35 pounds. The spine must support the increase of this part, so it will cause low back pain.The weight of the growing baby and uterus will also cause pressure on the blood vessels and nerves of the pelvis and back.

Change of posture: Pregnancy will change the center of gravity of the body, so expectant mothers may gradually adjust the body’s posture and walk without notice, which may cause pain or continuous tightness of the back muscles.

Change of hormones: During pregnancy, the body of the expectant mother will produce a hormone called relaxin, which can relax the ligament in the pelvic area, make the joints more relaxed, and prepare for delivery.But this hormone can also cause the ligament to support the spine, and the support for the body will become unstable and pain.

Separation of muscle: The uterus of expectant mothers during pregnancy will continue to expand. The two parallel muscles (rectal abdominal muscles) from chest cavity to pubic bone may be separated along the center. This separation may also aggravate back pain.

Stress: Emotional pressure can also cause back muscles to be tight, and may feel back pain or spasm.Many expectant mothers will find that back pain during the tension during pregnancy will increase.

Q2: How to relieve and treat back pain

In fact, the cause of back pain is very funny Mom should know that back pain is almost inevitable, all caused by the big baby in the stomach.However, we can still do a lot of things to relieve back pain.

It is also necessary to say a small reminder. Unless expectant mothers have back pain before pregnancy, this pain will generally gradually relieve before childbirth.

Below I will share some ways to relieve back pain:

1. Exercise

The regular exercise during pregnancy can enhance the flexibility of muscle and body, which can reduce the pressure of the spine.For most pregnant women, safe and beneficial exercises include walking, swimming, yoga, and cycling. Don’t be lazy, let yourself move, insisting that exercise can alleviate back pain in future delivery.

There are also some ways to stretch and exercise:

Stretch the lower back: Kneeling positions and knees on the ground, the head and back are a straight line.The abdomen, the back is slightly round.Keep for a few seconds, then relax your stomach and back, and keep your back as flat as possible.Gradually repeat 10 times.This is a good way of stretching.

2. Hot compress and cold compress

It may be helpful to give your back hot or cold compresses. If the bare back pain of the expectant mother is very powerful, you can apply a cold compress (such as a bag of ice or wrapped with a towel) for 20 minutes on the pain area for 20 minutes, several times a day.Two or three days later, switch to a heat compress, and put a heating pad or warm baby on the pain site.But my grandmother wants to remind expectant mothers not to heat up in the abdomen.

3. Change bad posture

As your baby grows, your focus will move forward.To avoid leaning forward, you can make up for it by leaning backwards.

And don’t let your spine continue to be nervous, so using the right posture when working, sitting or sleeping is a good way to relieve it.For example, when sleeping at night, putting a pillow between your knees can reduce the pressure on the back.My wife’s wife has taken this method, and the effect is great!

And when I was sitting at the desk, I put a rolling towel behind the back as a support.Put your feet on a bunch of books or stools, sit straight back.Wearing support bands will also help.

Remember the principles of these good posture: stand straight, straight, tall, chest, keep your shoulders relax, and don’t hold your knees tightly.

When you stand, use a comfortable and wide posture to get the best support.If you have to stand for a long time, put one foot on a low stool to rest and rest frequently.

A good posture also means to be careful when sitting.Choose a chair back to the back of the chair, or put a small pillow on the back of the waist.

4. Massage

Proper massage can help relax the backpack muscles, so it is time to show their hands on their hands, and my wife comes with a back of my wife before going to bed.

5. Wear the right shoes

Specific mothers can choose low -heeled shoes instead of flat shoes, which must have a good support for foot arch.High -heeled shoes are good at giving up during pregnancy. Don’t think about it, give up for security and health!

6. Sleeping sideways

Lie on the side instead of supine, keep the one -knee or knee bent.Consider supporting pillows between curved knees, under the abdomen and back pads.

In addition to the above -mentioned relief methods, expectant mothers should also pay attention to more details, for example: If you need to pick up things from the ground, you should squat down with your legs instead of bending over and do not sit for heavy efforts.

Q3: When to ask the doctor for help

Because back pain itself is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, if it is not because of continuous back pain, there is usually no need to find a doctor to check the treatment.The pain of severe or sudden occurrence of pain with cramps is difficult to urinate or the limbs are "numb"

In a few cases, severe back pain may be related to pregnancy -related osteoporosis, spinal osteoarthritis or infectious arthritis.Rhythmal pain may be a sign of premature birth.So if you have these problems, you must go to a doctor.

If your back pain keeps constantly, do not take painkillers at will. For most women, taking acetamin during pregnancy is safe.Use medicine at will.

In the end, there is also a warm little tip of the grandmother, remind you that expectant mothers must control the growth of weight during pregnancy.female.





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