Experience in the person: In this range, early pregnancy is normal.

After pregnancy, pregnant women are most concerned about the development of the fetus, so it is very important to do a birth check on time.In the early pregnancy, doctors check the values of progesterone. Before the placenta is formed, the main nutrients of the fetus are maternal progesterone.After 10 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta gradually grew.At this time, the fetus can obtain nutrition through the placenta.Low progesterone in early pregnancy can lead to abortion naturally. Pregnant women should pay attention to eating more progesterone -rich foods.

In the early pregnancy, especially urban white -collar workers, due to the impact of environmental, diet, pressure and other factors, the number of natural abortion is increasing.Therefore, early detection of progesterone can help determine the health of the fetus and prevent abortion from occurring.Performatone value does not need to be replenished after normal range, because excessive human hormone supplements can cause fetal deformity.

Pregnant women should keep the progesterone value above 25ng/ml in the first three months of pregnancy. After 3 months of pregnancy, progesterone is the supplier of the placenta. The progesterone secreted by the placenta can replace the ovarian pregnancy without injection of progesterone supplement.

The main role of progesterone in women without pregnancy is to cooperate with estrogen and participate in maintaining normal menstrual cycles.The progesterone during pregnancy is mainly produced by the placenta, and its content increases with the increase of the pregnancy age.On the basis of estrogen, progesterone maintains fertilized eggs in the uterus and the smooth progress of pregnancy.

For pregnant women, sufficient progesterone has a sedative effect on the growth of the uterus, and can also effectively alleviate the early pregnancy reactions of pregnant women, such as nausea and vomiting.Suffering progesterone can also help pregnant women relax the uterine muscle fiber, reduce the excitement of the uterus, and reduce the sensitivity to the contraction of the uterine.

If progesterone is too low, there may be risk of abortion.This is because the secretion of progesterone is too small, and the fetus cannot maintain the fetus, and the fetus will become unstable.During this period, if pregnant women are anemia, it may be related to the lower progesterone value.Supplementing progesterone can reduce maternity anemia.When the level of progesterone is low, pregnant women should pay attention to rest, and it is best to rest in bed, otherwise there may be abortion.Therefore, regular inspections are necessary.B -ultrasound can more comprehensively understand the development of the embryo and timely prevent and respond to the abnormal fetal condition.

In summary, early pregnancy, progesterone is generally not less than 25ng/ml, indicating that the fetus is normal, but the physiological conditions and progesterone values of each of us are different.Therefore, pregnant women should not take medicine at will when the progesterone level is low.If the level of progesterone is low, pay attention to reasonable medication to prevent abortion.

However, don’t use drugs blindly, especially progesterone, because it is not suitable for pregnant women, you need to follow the doctor’s advice.If pregnant women have a sign of abortion, it is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible for a color Doppler ultrasound to determine whether the fetus has obvious abnormalities.

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