Expert answers: Is it good?Is it harmful to the body?

When it comes to the word "Shang Ring", it is definitely a nightmare for all children of childbearing age. The most afraid of mothers who have had babies have been forced to go to the ring by the aunts of the neighborhood committee with various inhumane means.

How terrible is the Sheung Wan?What are the physical damage to women?Is there normal discomfort after the upper ring?Can I have the second child?Take a look at the expert’s answer!

Q: What is the impact of Shanghuan on women?Do you advocate Upper?

Experts: Shanghuan is often the most commonly used contraceptive method after fertility. It has a huge advantage for female friends, economical, convenient, safe, and effective.However, some female friends are not suitable for damage, and the Sheung Wan also has certain side effects. There are often backache and abdominal pain, which can also cause frequent uterus to shrink and cause lower abdomen or swelling. This situation generally requires symptomatic treatment.You have to go to a regular hospital for examination with your own situation to see if you are suitable for the upper ring.

Question 2: Little abdominal pain, gynecological inflammation is constantly related to Sheung Wan?

Expert: Hello, this situation does not rule out that it has something to do with the on -board. The contraceptive ring is a foreign body. After putting it in the uterus, the body has an adaptation process.If the lumbosacral soreness, lower abdomen swelling, blood -based leucorrhea, bleeding, irregular vaginal bleeding, increased menstrual cycle, and shortening menstrual cycle after the upper ring.Or disappear by yourself.It is recommended to go to the regular hospital to review the situation of the upper ring and combine the test results.

Question 3: Is it painful on the upper ring?

Expert: Hello, the Sheung Wan generally does not pain, but there will be a sense of upsurge.Within 3 to 5 days of menstruation (forbidden houses), go to the hospital to go to the upper ring.Rest within 2 weeks after the ring, do not do heavy physical activity, and eat nutritious food.Pay attention to the cleansing of the vulva, a ban on the basin within 2 weeks, and the restraint.

Question 4: I am the mother of two babies, and now I am also annoying for the Sheung Wan. I am almost one and a half years old. I am still breast milk. Can I go to the ring during breast milk?Is endocrine disorders true? What kind of ring effect is better at present.

Expert: Yes, this does not affect breastfeeding.The menstruation is clean for three to seven days.

Question 5: I am the ring in 2012. How often do I need to change?

Expert: This needs to be considered based on what ring you are going.Generally, it is better to replace it every 5 years. It is prone to deformation and displacement after a long time. After oxidation, it does have certain side effects on the body.

Question 6: I have performed a Lip knife surgery once three years ago. The cause is the III class III before cervical cancer. Now it has been cured and has a review every year. Everything is normal.The chance of rising?I have n’t been on the ring yet, and I heard that the upper ring is also harmful to the body. What kind of contraceptive method can I take?

Experts: Hello, the principle of contraceptives of the Sheung Wan is the obstacle of mechanical, changing the fertilized eggs and developing environment, affecting the bed in the uterus, thereby achieving the purpose of breeding.Generally, there is no adverse effect on the body.So please rest assured.

Q: Why do some people get pregnant when they go to the ring?

Experts: Generally, the upper ring will not be pregnant. If you are pregnant, there may be the following situations: improper selection of the model; inaccurate positioning;Conditions are corroded and affecting contraception.

Question 8: One year of Shanghai, a stomach hurts before menstruation. Should I take the ring?

Experts: Hello, your current situation may be caused by the upper ring. Pay attention to the vaginal bleeding and the fall of the ring. If you find that the vagina bleeds more, it is more than doubled more than the usual menstrual blood volume or a long bleeding time.Essence

Q: I would like to ask if there is a kind of straight skin burial now. Can I still have a second child if I have not been on the ring? How long can I ask again?

Expert: You can have a second child, but then you need to take the ring in advance.If you need to get pregnant, you need to get pregnant. Generally, it is best to wait until half a year to one year.If you are urgently needing pregnancy, wait for a period of time (2-3 normal menstrual cycles) to conceive, so as to give the endometrium a recovery time, which is conducive to eugenics.

Q: Is it suitable for people with type I diabetes?

Expert: Hello, diabetic patients should not choose a birthplace.Because women suffer from diabetes, there will be sediments of sulfur and chloride placed on the body in the body. These substances have a strong corrosion effect on the birth ring. After long -term corrosionDecreased.

Question 11: Will it affect sexual life if men are tied?

Expert: Hello, male ligation will not affect the quality of sexual life. Ligorization only blocks the sperm channel, but does not affect sexual feelings, so it will not affect sexual life, don’t worry.

Q: Is it good or not good?What are the dangers?Can I remove it immediately if I get on my body discomfort?

Expert: It is not necessary to depend on whether you need or not. It is normal for the case where the irregular menstruation occurs within a few months after placing the in -palace. It is normal.The adaptation period is generally half a year.In the future, it will gradually improve. It is recommended that you pay attention to observation. If you need it, you will seek medical treatment early and wish you good health!

Q: Does it affect the second child after the upper ring?

Expert: The upper ring has no effect on the second child.The principle of contraception of the Sheung Wan is the obstacle of mechanical, changing the fertilized egg bed and the development of development, and affecting the bed in the uterus, thereby achieving the purpose of birth.Generally, there is no adverse effect on the body.

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