Extremely outrageous!Chen Haomin’s 10 -year -old daughter was pregnant as a poisonous tongue because of fattening, and the little girl clarified one by one to distress

On April 22, Chen Haomin shared a dynamics of challenging the dance of southern Fujian with his eldest daughter Ya Yi on his personal social platform.

In dynamics, Chen Haomin wears a baseball cap, wearing short -sleeved T -shirts with trousers. The dress looks very young.Essence

Like Dad, the back of the baseball cap looked cool and looked cool.Xiao Nizi was wearing hair, and a dark sportswear was full of vitality.Before dancing, Ya Yan also cheered with his father, and saw Xiao Nizi pouting his mouth and smiling, and was inexplicably cute.And from the picture of the father and daughter in the same frame this time, it can be seen that the 10 -year -old Ya is very good. It is perfectly inherited to the mother’s tall gene. It seems that she will surpass it laterDad Chen Haomin.

During the dancing process, Chen Haomin and his daughter were uniformly moved, one more energetic than one.At half a hundred years old, Chen Haomin is really powerful.Ya Yi synchronized with her father throughout the process. She danced with her dad this time, and Xiao Nizi’s mood was very good, and the smile on her face did not go on.

As gradually growing up, Ya Yan has gradually faded from childhood, and her head and appearance have changed.And now she is a period of long body, so her body is slightly more rounded than before, and her long legs are becoming more and more superior.However, I believe that Ya will gradually lose weight in the future. When she grows up, she will be the same as the tall beauty as her mother.

Subsequently, Yazhen also shared a dynamic dance with her parents on her social account. The family of three was happy and harmonious, and she looked happy.Especially Jiang Lisha, who was standing in the last, raised his hands and was so happy like a child.

I thought that after seeing Chen Haomin and his daughter dancing alone, everyone would like to praise the tenderness between the father and daughter. However, I did not expect that the style of the review was a little bit of fat, and it completely changed …

Some netizens saw the recent photos after Yajie, and left a message: "Is the post -pregnancy behind?", "It looks like she is pregnant", "Are you pregnant?"It is really surprising to be injured by such a 10 -year -old child.Yaya himself ran to clarify and deny them one by one under these comments, which was distressing.

This is not the first time that Yazhen has been attacked by such bad reviews. When Jiang Lisha showed dancing with her husband and children not long ago, Ya Yi was vomited like a "nanny" at home because he became fat.This time, she was poisoned by netizens like "pregnancy", which really hurt her.As a father and mother, Chen Haomin and Jiang Lisha must be distressed when they saw their daughters suffer these rumors.

Chen Haomin and Jiang Lisha like to take the children very much. Looking at the social platforms of the couple, the four children have a high frequency of appearance, so everyone has witnessed the growth of the four babies from the sharing of the two.

In fact, the boss Yayi is the same as two younger sister Bella and Yaya. When she was a child, she was a cute little cute girl, but she did not expect that after the long body became fatter, it would cause such a great controversy. Xiao Nizi really was really.It’s not easy.Fortunately, her mentality is very good. Even when replying to "pregnancy" bad reviews, she did not show very angry, and even used the expression of "smirk". The mentality was really great.

In addition to the eldest daughter, because of the fat, the biggest controversy of Chen Haomin and Jiang Lisha’s marriage is that Jiang Lisha has "five years and four babies".At that time, because of this incident, the couple were not questioned. Fortunately, they did not affect their feelings because of these rumors, and they still loved sweetness until they were married.Now that the four children have gradually grown up, the couple are still sweet, so they wish them that they will continue to be full of high sugar in the future, and a family of six is happy.

The picture comes from the Internet

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